Support Keep Our NHS Public

The only choice you don't have is to do nothing – if you want to have a National Health Service

There are five ways you can support us:

  1. Look at our Launch statement page and fill in the form on the Show Your Support page – tell us you agree by being one of our supporters
  2. See our resources – our books, our background material, our campaigning material – and order them. Some are free. All are well researched and will help you in helping us.
  3. Donate. We value every penny our supporters give us, and use it all to save the NHS.
  4. Join us. KONP membership is a modest fee and you can join the fight directly.
  5. Find your local group  – you are not alone. Others feel as you do. Join them.

The links for these options are all around this page, just as there are like-minded people all around you who know the NHS is under threat and want to do something about it. Together, we will. Whatever your choice, make it a good one. Support us.