KONP demo1

Our aims are to:

  • End privatisation of the NHS and bring back government responsibility, ownership and accountability.
  • Repeal the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and enact the NHS Bill drafted by Allyson Pollock and Peter Roderick.
  • End expensive and compulsory competition, reject the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) and reverse all foundation trust plans.
  • Commit to 4% real terms annual increase in funding from taxation to provide a comprehensive, publicly provided, top quality NHS for all, safe staffing levels and fair conditions for staff.
  • Halt harmful cost-driven NHS cuts and closures. Any service reconfigurations must be evidence-based, driven by clinical need, not cost, and be subject to meaningful public consultation.
  • Halt all new private finance initiatives (PFIs). Independent review of PFI deals with effective action to reduce unfair PFI debts.

All of these are aimed at ending privatisation of our NHS and keeping it a publicly owned and accountable service, free for all at the point of delivery. They will not be realised unless this government's plans to break up the NHS then switch the most profitable parts of it to private health companies while under-funding the rest are stopped.

You can stop them: by joining with others. Please, join us.