Press release: the bloody NHS blueprint if the Tories get in

[6 June 2017]

Keep Our NHS Public (KONP) is appealing to everyone not to vote Conservative because if a Conservative government is returned to power it will mean widespread destruction of the NHS [1] that will translate into a new era of almost universal suffering and fear over health. Based on plans which include selling off NHS property [2] and make healthcare another world-traded commodity [3] and which were implemented with NO public consultation or scrutiny by parliament.

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KONP Newsflash – May 2017

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KONP's Position

Keep Our NHS Public has thrown itself into the election campaign to get people to think NHS and the dreadful record of the Conservative Government, before casting their vote. KONP is not party-aligned but we are campaigning in the NHS Roadshow along with doctors and nurses, People's Assembly and local campaigners, to say '#Vote NHS - use your vote to overturn the Tory majority. Either you act to help the NHS to survive, or you vote Tory - you cannot have both'

#VoteNHS 1
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Do you know anyone thinking of voting Conservative?

Send them a link to the video below. This NHS Roadshow video has received over 8 million views on facebook and 9 thousand shares on Twitter, and features many NHS Staff and KONP members including our very own co chair, Tony O'Sullivan.

From the mouth of a GP

Another video sent to us by North East KONP can be found here. Through it, a GP explains exactly why you should Vote NHS not Conservative on 8th June.

New stock in the KONP office

We have some new items in our shop relating to the upcoming election.

Press coverage

KONP groups have certainly played a key role in headlining the parties' stance on the NHS, making this a vital election issue.

KONP continues to attract coverage as the election nears. Most coverage is local; nationally, several outlets have approached KONP for comment or advice without publishing in the past week.

The government's aim was to keep the NHS from appearing as the top-most priority, and keep Brexit as the principal focus. That is now clearly not the case, and KONP groups have certainly played their part in keeping the parties' stance on the NHS as a (if not the) election issue.

Specific coverage of KONP groups locally in the past week or so has included:

Well done Swindon KONP

Swindon, one of our newest groups, were threatened with prosecution for daring to exercise their democratic right to protest in a shopping precinct: an ugly, growing trend whereby local authorities and corporations try to stop demonstrators...unless they pay a fee. It's marketisation of local democracy, in other words. Which Swindon have fought.

“That's B****cks”

During the 'Battle for number 10' broadcast on Monday 29th May, one audience member had a particularly strong reaction to Theresa May's stipulation that The Conservatives are "ensuring [they] are putting more money into the NHS for the future as well as for what's happening at the moment".

This Telegraph article has links to the initial question from the audience and their reaction to May's response.

'Battle for number 10

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Vote to save the NHS – support the NHS Roadshow – #voteNHS

The NHS Roadshow was launched on Saturday 13 May in Central Croydon (see photos) and events are organised being notified up and down the land. We are urging all who care about the NHS to ‘Vote NHS’ in this election – to target your vote as best you can to avoid another 5 years of Conservative Government at the General Election on 8 June.

The Roadshow is organised by NHS doctors, nurses and campaigners working with Health Campaigns Together, Keep Our NHS Public and The People’s Assembly.

The initiative follows the success of the 4th March demonstration – the biggest NHS demonstration in history.

What is our aim? – We need a strong and stable NHS – not the Conservatives. They have destabilised the very foundations of the NHS over the last 7 years. They’ve drastically weakened standards of delivery of the NHS. The Tories are not working for the NHS – we are urging all who care about the NHS to Vote NHS in this election.

A Conservative Party win on 8 June will signal the destruction of universal and public healthcare. Since 2010 they have fragmented, defunded and diminished our NHS which is in crisis. Our aim is to highlight the destructive policies that have threatened the NHS and to end Conservative government or at least minimise the Tory majority. We are not partisan: events will target marginal seats across the UK where we hope for the biggest impact on the outcome of the election.

We are helping to co-ordinate a series of public events across the nation, led by local NHS workers and campaigners, and highlighting the destructive policies that have done so much harm to the NHS. 400 dedicated NHS staff and campaigners are signed up ready to help the Roadshow.

The NHS Roadshow team has put together a “Roadshow pack” to arm the NHS activists who have signed up to our Roadshow with material, facts and figures, and resources to put on events to inform the public about NHS issues.

We would like to link up active, experienced and knowledgeable people and groups like yours to help launch and make these events as successful as possible. Invite local MPs, councillors and local NHS decision makers to let them get as much exposure as possible. Ask them to sign the Health Campaigns Together petition. We will support these initiatives and can attend selected events to help make these as high impact as we can.

Contact the NHS Roadshow Team and we will connect you with our NHS activists.

NHS Roadshow Team
Go to for
Map of Roadshow events
Excellent video explaining the NHS in Crisis: A visual essay by juniordoctorblog

Press release: Proper NHS funding will be great but not enough

[Monday 15 May 2017]

Unless privatisation is also stopped, money alone will never fix the NHS

Keep Our NHS Public has welcomed Labour’s announcement that it will restore NHS funding to where it should be if it gets into power, and overturn years of systematic under-funding by the Tory government and its predecessor. But that’s only part of it.

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Press release: Vote on the NHS not Brexit

[Wednesday 3 May 2017]

Stop real queues at A&E, don’t vote on mythical queues at Dover

The future of the NHS and how a future government would re-build it should be a central electoral issue and be followed by open and full public consultation – Brexit should not determine how people are going to vote, says Keep Our NHS Public.

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KONP Newsflash – April 2017

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National KONP News

The General Election

Theresa May has called a General Election for 8 June. Her intention is to gain a huge majority by making Brexit the overwhelming election issue, and to avoid the issues so important for Britain, including the attacks on public services. KONP, Health Campaigns Together and our allies, including People’s Assembly will ensure that the NHS is a key feature of the election campaign.

KONP believes that the NHS is in mortal danger under a Conservative Government. Under the current Health Secretary, NHS and Social Care budgets have been cut; there has been a concerted shift to privatise the NHS; bursaries for trainee nurses have been cut; and unfair-unsafe contracts have been imposed on Junior Doctors. 9,000 hospital beds have been closed since 2010; 24,000 nurse vacancies exist and trainee applications have fallen; waiting times for A&E 4-hour treatment target, cancer, outpatient and elective surgery are all rapidly getting worse. And if the current government stay in power the situation will deteriorate further. Now, more than ever, NHS campaigning groups must come together to fight against the threat this Tory Government pose to our NHS. We are supporting the NHS Roadshow and a call to vote to save the NHS.

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