Press Summary: 21 February

14 February

Great NHS gamble (local)

Lancashire Post, widely citing KONP member David Wrigley. Well done David. Part of the Johnston Group’s coordinated look at the NHS.

Also the Yorkshire Post

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Press Release: STPs will NOT work, King’s Fund

[Tuesday 21 February 2017]

The King’s Fund report on delivering the government’s plans for the NHS – Delivering Sustainability and Transformation Plans [1] – does not reflect what is really happening to the NHS in England, and more importantly what will happen unless it is stopped, say Keep Our NHS Public.

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KONP Newsflash – January 2017

Keep Our NHS Public Logo

Demonstration 12pm, 4th March – Tavistock Square.

March 4th Demo Leaflet
Leaflet for National Demonstration It's Our NHS on 4th March 2017. Leaflets are available to order via our website.

Spread the word

To request bulk orders of the flyers over 1000 please contact with the amount and your address. The PCS union is funding the expenses.

For orders under 1,000 you can make an order from the KONP shop, but we ask you for postage costs. If you have any queries or would like to place an order via email, please contact

4th March

Make sure to join us on the day to march for a fully funded, publicly owned NHS and Social Care Service. For all information, including transport, leaflets and supporters, go to Amongst others KONP will be protesting alongside members and supporters from Health Campaigns Together, The People's Assembly Against Austerity and Unite the Union. A full list of all the Demonstration's supporters to date can be found here you can show your solidarity on twitter - @nhs_demo #ourNHS.


Hunt must go rally on the 12th Januay

Health Campaigns Together, The People's Assembly Against Austerity and Junior Doctor's Alliance, supported by Keep Our NHS Public, called an emergency #Huntmustgo rally outside of the department of Health.

The demonstration highlighted the "serious abdication of responsibility by Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt during one of the most serious crises ever in the history of the National Health Service".

Though the weather was miserable the turn out was strong, thank you to all those who attended.

Hunt Must Go rally
A protestor at the Hunt Must Go rally on the 12th January.

Hands off our NHS Rally 28th January 2017

Hands off our NHS organised a demonstration outside Parliament and The Department of Health on the 28th January to raise public awareness of £22bn of underfunding to healthcare services and to put pressure on NHS England and Jeremy Hunt to scrap the STPs and to fund and restore our NHS.

Hands off our NHS!
Protestors at the Hands off our NHS rally on the 28th January.

Upcoming demonstration and rally in Newcastle

The North East March and Rally For the NHS. Assemble at 11.45am - Framlington Place / Lovers Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne (adjacent to the RVI, opposite the Medical School entrance). Rally at 1pm at Greys Monument, Newcastle City Centre.

NHS News

Red Cross declares humanitarian crisis

This month the failures of the government to allocate enough funds to our NHS were thrust to the forefront by The Red Cross who stated that the NHS is facing a “humanitarian crisis” as hospitals and ambulance services struggle to keep up with rising demand. This came as a response to the deaths of two patients after long waits on hospital trolleys.

The Guardian quoted Dr Mark Holland President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine as saying 'We are asking NHS staff to provide a world-class service, but with third world levels of staffing and third world levels of beds.'

The more widely this is reported the better as yet more people can realise the current level of threat to our NHS from the government.

Labour day of campaigning for the NHS

It is good that the Labour Party has organised two national days of action on the NHS (latest on 21 January). We need Labour to back the 4 March demo and mobilise for it please. John McDonnell has agreed to speak at the rally. Labour, please sponsor the ‘Its Our NHS’ demonstration.

Guardian opinion articles

This is an excellent ‘NHS Opinion’ article by Dr Aislinn Macklin-Doherty, junior doctor and supporter of the 4 March Demo, as a member of Junior Doctors Alliance. Aislinn’s article followed the deaths of two patients on hospital trolleys in A&E at Worcestershire Royal Infirmary in early January.

Kailash Chand of the Guardian claims that 2016 was the worst year in NHS History in this opinion article.

Howl of Protest
Howl of Protest. Keep your hands of our NHS. January 28th 2017.

STP updates

At the end of January, NHS England’s plan was to have finalised two-year operational plans of each CCG and the contracts with all providers, within strict financial control totals, equating to the first two years of these damaging and financially punishing and damaging Sustainability and Transformation Plans. Up and down the country, KONP campaigners with others are asking their local councils, councillors, scrutiny panels and CCGs to stop the STPs going through.

They are asking them to challenge the plans that are estimated by the HSJ to be threatening to cut NHS staff by 1.6% by 2020 and to a reduction in registered nursing staff by 2.3% - at a time of rising need and huge nurse vacancies. So please join us in the fight to oppose this vandalism, now, on 4 March and beyond.

Nottingham KONP

Nottingham KONP lobbied against their STP outside Nottingham City Council's Loxley House headquarters on Tuesday and appeared in this write up from the Nottingham post. Good work!

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Press summary 30 January

23 January


Sussex MPs discuss STPs (local)

Bexhill-on-sea Observer


Defend NHS march brings Brighton to standstill (local)

Midhurst and Petworth Observer. Sussex Defend the NHS widely quoted.

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Let them know: Our NHS is NOT for scrapping 4 March London

As people die on trolleys in A&E; as doctors warn that cancer patients are going to lose their battle with cancer because their operations are cancelled; as STPs spell out the cuts they really mean; this government does NOTHING but pretend there is no problem. Can such arrogance go unanswered? Can you rest knowing the NHS is in the hands of people who fully intend to see it run to ruin, even when the biggest NHS bosses of all are saying enough is enough

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Press Release: Medical Referral Centres – waste and risk

[Monday 16 January]

Keep Our NHS Public (KONP) is calling for the government to stop the payments to Referral Management Centres made for cancelling appointments immediately, and strongly questions their overriding purpose – which is to save money, not lives.

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Press Release: May is asking GPs to risk patient safety

[Saturday 14 January 2017]

Dr David Wrigley – a Lancashire GP, Deputy BMA Chair* and member of health campaigning groups Keep Our NHS Public and Doctors for the NHS – has condemned Prime Minister May’s exhortation for GPs to increase the level of service they provide, saying this is asking his colleagues to take irresponsible risks with their patients’ lives:

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