Health Campaigns Together

Front cover of the latest issue of the HCT paper

Health Campaigns Together (HCT) is an alliance of national and local health campaigns, other campaigning groups and trade unions who share the same concern: our NHS and how to save it from more cuts and privatisation.

The call went out from Keep Our NHS Public in Autumn 2015 when we realised that, although there were many groups doing excellent work all over the country, there was no easy way to share views, plan, and carry out joint events. Health Campaigns Together has built an alliance of organisations able to campaign together successfully for what we agree on.

HCT has organised three successful conferences in 2016 with more to come – see more here and book for 4 November 2017 conference in London.

HCT and KONP worked with The People’s Assembly Against Austerit y (PA) to organise the largest ever national demonstration on the NHS in London 4 March 2017 (#ourNHS), attracting over 200,000 people and gaining widespread publicity.

Within two months HCT, KONP and PA were working together once again with junior doctors and nurses who launched the very influential NHS Roadshow events during the General Election June 2017. We went on to take part in a national and local day of action on 1 July and – working with the TUC – we celebrated and protested in another successful national day of action on the NHS’ 69th Birthday 5 July 2017.

Any individual or group can attend a HCT meeting but only groups can affiliate to HCT.

HCT produces a quarterly 12-page newspaper  – Health Campaigns Together. Over 12,000 copies are distributed every quarter. Get copies to use in campaigning ordered via the HCT website, which also lists future events and the growing number of affiliated campaigning groups and union branches.

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Navigating the Health Campaigns Together website

HCT website has a wealth of information and the free latest issue of the paper, downloadable from the home page

The paper is very useful to be able to give away free: order copies of the latest HCT paper here

All the Health Campaigns Together past issues are available here

HCT’s ‘STP Watch’ page is here including information on each of the 44 STPs here

For a list of local and national affiliates to HCT, scroll down the home page of HCT

More on NHS Roadshow

@NHS_Roadshow  – the 4th most influential Twitter stream of the June 2017 General Election

NHS Roadshow Facebook page and  group – social media played a great role during the election and continues.