Vote to save the NHS – support the NHS Roadshow – #voteNHS

The NHS Roadshow was launched on Saturday 13 May in Central Croydon (see photos) and events are organised being notified up and down the land. We are urging all who care about the NHS to ‘Vote NHS’ in this election – to target your vote as best you can to avoid another 5 years of Conservative Government at the General Election on 8 June.

The Roadshow is organised by NHS doctors, nurses and campaigners working with Health Campaigns Together, Keep Our NHS Public and The People’s Assembly.

The initiative follows the success of the 4th March demonstration – the biggest NHS demonstration in history.

What is our aim? – We need a strong and stable NHS – not the Conservatives. They have destabilised the very foundations of the NHS over the last 7 years. They’ve drastically weakened standards of delivery of the NHS. The Tories are not working for the NHS – we are urging all who care about the NHS to Vote NHS in this election.

A Conservative Party win on 8 June will signal the destruction of universal and public healthcare. Since 2010 they have fragmented, defunded and diminished our NHS which is in crisis. Our aim is to highlight the destructive policies that have threatened the NHS and to end Conservative government or at least minimise the Tory majority. We are not partisan: events will target marginal seats across the UK where we hope for the biggest impact on the outcome of the election.

We are helping to co-ordinate a series of public events across the nation, led by local NHS workers and campaigners, and highlighting the destructive policies that have done so much harm to the NHS. 400 dedicated NHS staff and campaigners are signed up ready to help the Roadshow.

The NHS Roadshow team has put together a “Roadshow pack” to arm the NHS activists who have signed up to our Roadshow with material, facts and figures, and resources to put on events to inform the public about NHS issues.

We would like to link up active, experienced and knowledgeable people and groups like yours to help launch and make these events as successful as possible. Invite local MPs, councillors and local NHS decision makers to let them get as much exposure as possible. Ask them to sign the Health Campaigns Together petition. We will support these initiatives and can attend selected events to help make these as high impact as we can.

Contact the NHS Roadshow Team and we will connect you with our NHS activists.

NHS Roadshow Team
Go to for
Map of Roadshow events
Excellent video explaining the NHS in Crisis: A visual essay by juniordoctorblog

4 March NHS demo and rally London – Press coverage

Organised by Health Campaigns Together (which KONP helped to found) and the People’s Alliance, the rally and march on 4 March captured the spirit of a nation fed up with this government’s callous indifference to what was happening to the NHS – our NHS. 

Read more 4 March NHS demo and rally London – Press coverage

Successful rally for the NHS Reinstatement Bill – 4th November

Thank you to all who came on Friday to support the 2nd reading of the NHS Reinstatement Bill. The bill didn't get taken but we expect more now of the next session.

A really good turn out in spite of the rain. Thank you to Allyson Pollock and Peter Roderick for speaking at the event and to the following groups for your support on the day:

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Press Release: NHS Bill Rally outside Parliament Fri 4 Nov

News logo[Thursday 3 November]

Rally at Parliament: College Green and St Margaret’s Church, Abingdon Street Friday, November 4th: 11am – 1pm

NHS experts, doctors, healthcare workers and campaigners from across England will attend a rally in London this week against plans that will strip the NHS of ‘local’ care.

Read more Press Release: NHS Bill Rally outside Parliament Fri 4 Nov

NHS Bill Rally Wednesday: Support the Bill!

NHS over commons

RALLY AT PARLIAMENT 12.30-14.00 WEDNESDAY 13TH JULY to support the Bill’s presentation under the ’10 minute rule’.

Between College Green and St Margaret’s Church, on the triangular wide pavement area near the statue of King George V. Opposite from the public entrance to Parliament, Abingdon Street, London.

Nearest tube: Westminster

Please bring campaign banners, placards etc.
There will be at least one megaphone available for speeches for the duration of the rally.

Tony O’Sullivan

Keep Our NHS Public Co-Chair

Press release from Margaret Greenwood, MP (Labour), who is presenting the Bill on 13 July under the ’10 minute rule’ in Parliament. Please come and support Margaret if you can.

Press Release: No Doctor Wants to Strike but the NHS is at stake

[Tuesday 26 April 2016]

No doctor wants to strike, but they have been given no choice by intransigent politicians.  Keep Our NHS Public (KONP) stands firmly with the junior doctors who are striking today and tomorrow. The responsibility for the strikes lies firmly with Jeremy Hunt, who has rejected a cross-party plan to avert strike action, and David Cameron who has told Hunt to stand firm against the doctors. They both clearly relish this fight, and in doing so are shamelessly putting politics before patient safety.

Read more Press Release: No Doctor Wants to Strike but the NHS is at stake

Junior Doctors: Latest. YOU JOINED THEM!



The junior doctors are striking today  ( 27 April), including not covering emergency care, between 8 am and 5 pm. Why? Because of the undemocratic and bullying decision of Jeremy Hunt to impose the junior doctor contract unilaterally in August.

Keep Our NHS Public continues to support the junior doctors in their actions. They are defending a high quality NHS – and fighting for an NHS run by well-supported staff who are able to give their best when caring for you.

We are pleased to say that many people joined the junior doctors on the picket lines (from 8am) outside their local hospital yesterday and today; and by attending supporting events during the strike. Hundreds more gave their support as they drove past. 

Details for all picket sites nationally (put in your postcode):

Call to action from a junior doctor on the BMA Junior Doctors’ Committee.

Latest press release from KONP about the strike.

Visit the BMA website for latest BMA actions, information and details:

See also Facebook: Junior Doctors Contract forum

The REAL reasons for the dispute: government intent on privatisation. Brilliant exposé by OurNHS. Which you are unlikely to see in the mainstream media, unfortunately. The government want the doctors to fail so they can start privatising the NHS with a massively cut wages bill, and worse conditions for staff. THAT is what this dispute is really about; that is why this government is callously gambling with lives. It really cares for very little other than privatising everything it can, even when that is the worst thing to do (as it is, for the NHS).

Just a few of the many images of people supporting this stand for our NHS:

Charing Cross Hospital, London

Charing Cross 25 04




Stockport 26.4

And, of course, on the march across London to the Department of Health itself (duly hardly reported at all in the national media…)















Be there! Friday 11 March and the NHS Bill

This Friday (11 March) will see the NHS Bill come to Parliament for its second reading. But it’s more than that. It is one moment in a procession of demand. One more step to try to save our NHS. And the health campaigns are making sure silence will not define that day. Join us. Shatter the silence and fight on. Hashtag #nhsbillnow Read more Be there! Friday 11 March and the NHS Bill