Press Summary – 17th October

17th October 2017 Sabrina English 0

16th October Brexit causing European staff to leave the NHS A BBC analysis shows that there is a greater proportion of EU Nationals leaving the NHS and many fewer joining, presumably in reaction to their […]

Press Summary: 21 August

21st August 2017 Tony O'Sullivan 0

17 August   NHS cuts stripping basic medicines from the poor Polly Toynbee’s piece on increasing number of drugs being taken ‘off list’ so people have to pay for them themselves. Guardian [25+ more […]

Press Summary: 16 August

16th August 2017 Tony O'Sullivan 0

9 August Tories double NHS sell-off The legacy of Naylor – done on the quiet. Independent. [9+ more stories]

Press Summary: 8 August 2017

8th August 2017 Tony O'Sullivan 0

31 July Relationship between councils and NHS cracking under strain Grim summary of what the cuts and over-bearing ministerial tramplings are doing to what is supposed to be a core relationship between co-operating parties (see […]

Press Summary: 1 August 2017

1st August 2017 Tony O'Sullivan 0

25 July Protest against proposed merger set to be held in Burton (local) Burton KONP cited – well done, Burton. A great example of ‘pre-publicity’ gained from cultivating a good relationship with the local press. […]

Press Summary: 25 July 2017

26th July 2017 Tony O'Sullivan 1

18 July What is being done to tackle the NHS workforce crisis? Warnings from NHS Employers’ chief exec Danny Mortimer. Guardian [13+ more stories]

Press Summary: 10 July

10th July 2017 Tony O'Sullivan 0

1 July  Ken Loach addresses Oxford crowd Also features video of KONP Co-Chair addressing public meeting. Oxford Times [20 more stories]

Press Summary: 20 June

20th June 2017 Tony O'Sullivan 0

12 June Why we need to campaign to save our NHS in Bolton(local) Bolton News. Cites national release sent out after election result.   [13 more stories]

Press Summary: 6 June

6th June 2017 Tony O'Sullivan 0

31 May Post Brexit bill threat for returning retirees Guardian Something of a distraction given the amounts at stake as a percentage of NHS spend (under 1%).   [11 more stories]

Press Summary: 12 April

13th April 2017 Tony O'Sullivan 0

4 April   Corbyn puts local election hopes on NHS and schools Guardian [8 more stories]