Video by KONP Co-chair: Show it to anyone who still doubts

Keep Our NHS Public Co-Chair Dr Tony O’Sullivan has been videod by Ealing Save Our NHS, answering the questions people ask about the NHS: is it being privatised, isn’t private better, why the NHS is best. This absolutely needs to be seen. Widely.

Health and Social Care Conference: Bodmin, 5 November

Demo thinIf you use health and social care services, if you are a carer, if you work in health or social care, or if you want to be sure these services will still be there when you or your family need them, this conference is for you.

Concern about health and social care crosses political boundaries and this is a non-party political event. It will bring together workers, organisations, campaigners, and individuals from across Devon and Cornwall to find out more about the current changes to health and social care, to learn from one another, and to devise new ways of working together.

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HCT Newspaper Pulls No Punches

Health Campaigns Together, the alliance of health campaign organisations formed to coordinate and promote the action to save the NHS, has published a free PDF newspaper  listing the threats facing the NHS and calling for organisations to attend a major conference in London on 30 January. Read more HCT Newspaper Pulls No Punches