Video by KONP Co-chair: Show it to anyone who still doubts

Keep Our NHS Public Co-Chair Dr Tony O’Sullivan has been videod by Ealing Save Our NHS, answering the questions people ask about the NHS: is it being privatised, isn’t private better, why the NHS is best. This absolutely needs to be seen. Widely.

Justice for Health

Cn42aNRXEAAtbO0.jpg-largeJustice for Health are having their case heard by the High Court today (Monday 19 September) and tomorrow. It’s about the junior doctors’ contract. Except it’s not only about that: it’s about the very survival of the NHS, in the face of cuts ushering in privatisation.  You can see the Justice for Health video here.  Well worth watching. 

PF2 Meeting in Birmingham: Will ‘PFI plus’ happen here?

The Metropolitan Hospital Project – despite its gradiose name – is in fact a large privately financed development of one of Birmingham and the Black Country’s main trusts – Sandwell and West Birmingham (known locally as ‘City and Sandwell’), one of the UK’s first under PFI’s successor, PF2. Birmingham KONP, TUC and several unions commissioned a report on the project from Dr John Lister, and this is being launched on:

Wednesday 15 June, 6.30-8.30pm, at the Birmingham and Midland Institute, Margaret Street, Birmingham, B3 3BS. All welcome. 

John Lister will present the report. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and get involved in the ongoing campaign. The event will be free, but any donations and other contributions to costs will be welcome.

Book your place.


Press Release: No Doctor Wants to Strike but the NHS is at stake

[Tuesday 26 April 2016]

No doctor wants to strike, but they have been given no choice by intransigent politicians.  Keep Our NHS Public (KONP) stands firmly with the junior doctors who are striking today and tomorrow. The responsibility for the strikes lies firmly with Jeremy Hunt, who has rejected a cross-party plan to avert strike action, and David Cameron who has told Hunt to stand firm against the doctors. They both clearly relish this fight, and in doing so are shamelessly putting politics before patient safety.

Read more Press Release: No Doctor Wants to Strike but the NHS is at stake

Junior Doctors: Latest. YOU JOINED THEM!



The junior doctors are striking today  ( 27 April), including not covering emergency care, between 8 am and 5 pm. Why? Because of the undemocratic and bullying decision of Jeremy Hunt to impose the junior doctor contract unilaterally in August.

Keep Our NHS Public continues to support the junior doctors in their actions. They are defending a high quality NHS – and fighting for an NHS run by well-supported staff who are able to give their best when caring for you.

We are pleased to say that many people joined the junior doctors on the picket lines (from 8am) outside their local hospital yesterday and today; and by attending supporting events during the strike. Hundreds more gave their support as they drove past. 

Details for all picket sites nationally (put in your postcode):

Call to action from a junior doctor on the BMA Junior Doctors’ Committee.

Latest press release from KONP about the strike.

Visit the BMA website for latest BMA actions, information and details:

See also Facebook: Junior Doctors Contract forum

The REAL reasons for the dispute: government intent on privatisation. Brilliant exposé by OurNHS. Which you are unlikely to see in the mainstream media, unfortunately. The government want the doctors to fail so they can start privatising the NHS with a massively cut wages bill, and worse conditions for staff. THAT is what this dispute is really about; that is why this government is callously gambling with lives. It really cares for very little other than privatising everything it can, even when that is the worst thing to do (as it is, for the NHS).

Just a few of the many images of people supporting this stand for our NHS:

Charing Cross Hospital, London

Charing Cross 25 04




Stockport 26.4

And, of course, on the march across London to the Department of Health itself (duly hardly reported at all in the national media…)















The Power of Public Service

Has the threat making the junior doctors strike finally begun to be seen off? As the BMA calls of its planned action for next week, Lambeth Keep Our NHS Public member Lyndall Stein reminds us: beware the beast that draws the threat, it has no heart but tells beguiling lies, knowing the cost of all yet valuing nothing. Unlike the NHS.  Read more The Power of Public Service

From the Bedside: Liverpool Campaigner Backs Junior Docs

Sam Semoff has many years of campaigning behind him. As one of Keep Our NHS Public’s Merseyside group, he has fought tirelessly against cuts to services and privatisation in his adopted city of Liverpool. So it was a bitter-sweet irony that brought Sam to the junior doctors’ picket line on 12 January – from inside the hospital. Because the NHS was doing all it could to ensure Sam has many years ahead of him too.  Read more From the Bedside: Liverpool Campaigner Backs Junior Docs

We Stand With them

The junior doctors, amidst a storm of crafted “spin” and ludicrous claims that the BMA has somehow been “hijacked” by a bunch of irresponsible Lefties, are taking strike action tomorrow (Tuesday 12 January). An historic and reluctant step they had to take. We are with them.  Read more We Stand With them