Data bill: write to your MP

KONP has serious concerns about current proposals in the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill. Read more here.

However, the Bill, due to have its second reading on 5th September, has been delayed following to the appointment of Liz Truss as Prime Minister.

It seems that some aspects of the Bill are to be changed. Once we have further details we will be revising this page, with a view to asking you write to your MP about remaining concerns about the Bil

For now, the template letter and briefings here are for interim information only.

Why we need to be worried

The Bill raises many concerns. For example, if passed, the Bill will have grave implications for human rights – such as increasing the extent to which citizens’ personal data can be shared with the State and law enforcement authorities. It will also undermine the independence of the Information Commissioner’s Office, allowing for example, the Secretary of State to appoint the watchdog’s Board, veto its guidance and set the ICO’s priorities, with a new duty to promote “economic growth, innovation and competition” as part of its role.

Our particular concerns relate to:

1 The threat to Parliamentary scrutiny

2 The threat to personal health data including:

  • Reduced protection for our personal data
  • Reduced controls on data collection and processing
  • Reduced rights for individuals

Download full briefing on the Bill

Download further technical detail about the Bill

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