The Plot Against the NHS


This book carefully shows how the way the NHS is being dismantled is the culmination of years of 'neoliberal' rhetoric and market-obsessed thinking – and what that will mean for us all unless it can be stopped.

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By Colin Leys and Stewart Player

What does the healthcare market mean for patients? Is there really no alternative? Do the government’s plans for the NHS really mean a big change of policy? Or do they just bring into the open what New Labour was already doing? This book shows what has really been going on.

The plot: for ten years a ‘policy community’ around the Department of Health has schemed to replace the NHS. They want a US-style healthcare market coming in by the back door. Why tell us, or parliament?

The players: the insiders – the ‘policy community’, corporate heavies, management consultants, think-tankers, freelancers and hired hands, including some academics and doctors. They can use the ‘revolving door’: company envoys can get jobs in the Department of Health, and ex-ministers and officials can get well-paid jobs in the private sector.

The book is published by Merlin Press.


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