Background Material

Our background material is concise, well informed and much of it is in a printable form.  Please use freely.  It is divided into categories:
  • Campaigning – hints on how to get started, and keep going.
  • NHS Sustainability Committee – evidence submitted to the Lords' committee on the NHS.
  • Keep Our NHS Public – more on what what we do and stand for, plus a collection of excellent local resources produced by and for our local groups (arranged alphabetically).
  • Privatisation – concise summaries of the major points and battles.
  • Funding – how privatisation is reflected in the way your money is spent, and the plans being made.
  • PFI (Private Finance Initiative) – how this application of market ideals weakens the NHS.
  • Devolution – local authorities scramble to take over health budgets: but at what cost to all of us?
  • CETA, TTIP and the NHS –  what will this mean for the NHS? And how to stop it.
  • Ageing and the NHS – the old are not a burden, and privatisation is not "the answer".
All of the material here can be copied and distributed freely. Let us know what you think: or tel: 07497 434630.  


What's wrong with the NHS? – Brilliant summary short briefing by Patients for the NHS. KONP introduction for campaigners – does what it says (PDF). TUC Guide to Campaigners on the NHS – crammed full of tips, including how to engage with the media. CCGs: Following the money – what CCGs are and how to carry the fight to them (PDF). More about the purse holders: CCGs – from the OurNHS website. Health & Wellbeing Boards – what use they are, and are not (PDF). Local councillors: what they can do – with devolution now pressing ahead, the fight will shift even more to local authorities. This explains how sympathetic councillors can try to stop privatisation (PDF).
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NHS Sustainability Committee

Links to all evidence. From national KONP (with thanks to KONP President, Professor Wendy Savage). From Oxfordshire KONP. From the Centre for Health and the Public Interest (CHPI). From Doctors for the NHS. From the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.
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Keep Our NHS Public

Our leaflet – a three-fold leaflet ideal for handing out. You can order these via the Products & Resources page (PDF). Our aims – in full, as a PDF. Our statement of support – as a PDF. You can sign up to this on the Show your support page. Local group resources:
  • London, Hackney – excellent leaflets on the NHS Bill. As a Word or PDF version.
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Overview – the key consequences of privatisation. From the NHS Support Federation site. Myth busting – Keep Our NHS Oxfordshire's own booklet on the principal myths and how to break them. Myth busting – A Red Pepper article by Dr Jacky Davis, co-author of NHS For Sale (available from our Books page). Outsourcing – how private companies cut corners and cannot offer the same service as the NHS. From the NHS Support Federation.
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Personal health budgets – fast becoming a reality, KONP's guide explains PHB's true purpose (PDF). Spending on private providers – at a glance. From the NHS Support Federation.
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PFI swindle – puts it in a nutshell. Unlike PFI deals themselves. From the NHS Support Federation. The reality of PFIs – an Independent article describing how the public keep all the risk in this flawed and costly scheme. Seven things you should know about PFI – from the OurNHS site.
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Local councillors: what they can do – with healthcare 'devolution'  now pressing ahead, the fight will shift even more to local authorities. This explains how sympathetic councillors can try to stop privatisation which will make devolution a massive failure for local people (PDF). 'Devo-Manc' – a summary from the King's Fund on the 'Memorandum of understanding' that gave Greater Manchester control over its own health budget. Though optimistic, it admits there are going to be major problems if this is allowed to happen with privatisation and lack of funds as the backdrop: which is what is actually happening. It ain't what they do, it's the way that they do it...
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CETA, TTIP and the NHS

Position paper on TTIP – from ourselves. Briefing paper to MPs and MEPs about how the NHS can be excluded from TTIP. Lobbying of local authorities: KONP supports moves by campaigners to lobby their local authority to agree a motion declaring their borough a ‘TTIP-free zone’. There are already over 20 councils that have done this. Please see  the suggested motion – it just needs the name of the local authority to be inserted. Advice from those who have already successfully lobbied councils includes:
  1. Find a sympathetic councillor to propose the motion.
  2. Write to members of the council in advance of any discussion of the motion, to provide information that may help to persuade councillors to give their support (see a suggested letter: it just needs the name of the councillor and local authority to be inserted).
Myths and Facts leaflet (PDF). Economic briefing – looking at evidence for and against the economic benefits of TTIP. Guide to TTIP and other free trade agreements – from Keep Our NHS Public's Greenwich group (PDF). Guide to free trade agreements and the NHS – from the group Patients4theNHS. TTIP: Why you should be worried – Article from the Guardian, August 2015. CETA fact sheet - Compiled by KONP Trade Agreements Sub-Group
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Ageing and the NHS

The Myth of the Ageing Population – this leaflet, produced by the NHS Reinstatement Bill Campaign, explores the current use of 'ageing' as a way of justifying privatising healthcare (PDF).
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