Steering Group Page

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The Steering Group ('SG') is Keep Our NHS Public's 'Parliament': its decision-making body for matters of policy and overall direction.

Any KONP group can send someone to SG meetings as their representative. SG representatives are allowed to vote at SG meetings. Full affiliated groups can also send someone to SG meetings, and they are also entitled to vote. Supportive affiliated groups can send someone to SG meetings but they are not allowed to vote.

SG meetings are held bi-monthly, with alternate meetings held outside London.

You can see details of SG meetings summarised here, and also any events or news from the local groups which can also be seen on their own pages if they have one. Click the links below. They are updated regularly.

If you are an SG representative or Executive Committee member, you can also sign in to the secure area of the website from this page using a unique user name and password. Please contact the national office to be assigned one (, or tel 07497 434630)