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Volunteer with Keep Our NHS Public!

Keep Our NHS Public is the largest and longest running campaign to save the NHS in the UK. We have thousands of activists working hard in their communities to save their hospitals from closure, campaign on migrants rights in the NHS and much more. You can find out where your local group is here. As KONP expands we need more help at national level to run the organisation and facilitate the widest range of activism across the country we can. If you want to help support our work at a national level, please get in touch with us today by filling in this form

There's a range of things you can do as a volunteer with KONP, from media work, admin and campaigning and events support, all of it vital in keeping the movement growing. You can see more about what these roles entail below.

Volunteering is fun, a way to meet new people from all sorts of backgrounds, a great way to pick up new skills and make a positive impact on society, and of course help save our NHS.  

Check out our Volunteer Values here.


These are the types of tasks you'll be doing if you volunteer with Keep Our NHS Public.

We are always looking for creative people with media and graphics experience to help design a range of materials, from online graphics, social media, to posters, flyers, pamphlets and much more. We want people who can get involved and help us maintain our strong house style and also help us over time take it new and exciting directions. We also always need content, can you take high quality photos? Can you make videos? Have you any camera skills, or editing skills? If you want to get involved fill out the Volunteer Form and and we'll get in touch.

Types of Task

  • Graphic Design, (leaflets, memes, gifs etc.)
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Social Media

This role is all about hands on involvement, spreading the word about our campaigns, promoting our events and helping them run smoothly.  We're always looking for friendly and proactive people to get out on the street, for leafleting and running street and event stalls. For events themselves, we need stewards and registration teams. If you want to get involved fill out the Volunteer Form and and we'll get in touch.

Types of Task

  • Leafleting
  • Street Stalls
  • Registrations at Events
  • Stewarding

Running a campaign organisation like ours means we have to stay on top of a large of office admin. If you have basic computer and office skills and are friendly and proactive, we're always grateful for a helping hand. If you want to get involved fill out the Volunteer Form and and we'll get in touch.

Types of Task

  • Office emails
  • Phone-banking
  • Post
  • General Office Tasks

Please note these are types of tasks likely to be included in your volunteer role only, nor is your role likely to be limited to these tasks. Also this isn't an exhaustive list - if you want to help in a different way, we'd still love to hear from you!

If you want to get involved please fill out the Volunteer Form here


  • Volunteering with KONP is a voluntary and unpaid activity, though we will provide travel expenses if requested.
  • We are committed to our Volunteer Values
  • When volunteering with us you will be asked to read and sign a Volunteer Agreement. You'll be given a hard copy on your first day of volunteering with us and we'll keep a signed copy.

You can read the Volunteer Agreement here in advance.

If you would like to get involved directly with your local group, please see the Local Groups page or let us know where you are by contacting us in the office on,

Telephone: 020 7241 4443, ext. 2010
Email: nationaladmin@keepournhspublic.com