Factsheet: The NHS is deliberately underfunded

The Government says the NHS is getting ‘more money than ever’, but this is highly misleading. Annual increases have not taken account of inflation, nor the increasing needs of a growing and ageing population with greater complex needs. NHS funding of ‘units of workload’ has fallen since 2009, (against rising population, age profile, complexity of need). The UK is the sixth largest economy in the world. Funding should match per capita spending of countries like France and Germany. The decision to starve our NHS of funds is not rational but ideological. Significantly more real terms NHS funding is crucial to restoring standards of healthcare for all.



  • Fund the NHS to the level of comparable economies and rebuild health services
  • A 2% wealth tax on assets over £10m could raise £22bn; standardising 12% NI on higher incomes raises more (it’s only 2% on earnings over £50k)
  • Reforming non-dom status rules could raise £3.2bn a year
  • Equalising capital gains with income tax rates could raise £15.2 billion a year Reverse NHS funding going to the private sector

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