Press Summary: 15 January

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13 January  Junior Doctors’ strike Commentary from Owen Jones in the Guardian: 18 more stories

Press Summary: 12 January

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12 January Junior Doctors’ strike Today’s main national story, and also featuring in many local outlets. Stories nationally tended to lead with the ‘disruption’ caused, but most also included some explanation of the background to […]

Press Summary: 8 January

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6 January  Mental health services at grave risk through privatization (local) West Bridgford Wire (Notts) 5 more stories

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We Stand With them

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The junior doctors, amidst a storm of crafted “spin” and ludicrous claims that the BMA has somehow been “hijacked” by a bunch of irresponsible Lefties, are taking strike action tomorrow (Tuesday 12 January). An historic and […]

Press Summary: 6 January

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2 January Mid Yorkshire trust advancing plans to ‘centralise’ A&E to cut costs (local) Yorkshire Post: 14 more stories

Press Summary: 30 December 2015

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24/12 NHS in Peril (local, Leicester) A good summary of what is threatening the NHS, and why KONP exists. Leicester Mercury: 9 more stories…

Press Summary: 22 December 2015

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Devolution: detailed analysis The likely grave consequences and the legislative framework for health devolution, with massive differences in provision over the country and a lack of integrated services as the true legacy, are described by […]

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HCT Newspaper Pulls No Punches

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Health Campaigns Together, the alliance of health campaign organisations formed to coordinate and promote the action to save the NHS, has published a free PDF newspaper  listing the threats facing the NHS and calling for […]