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Here are some ways you can support Keep Our NHS Public in our campaigning to save the NHS right now.

Protect the NHS: Scrap the health and care bill - Sign our petition

We have to stop the Health and Care bill passing through parliament right now before it damages the NHS we know and love. It will mean the handing out of NHS contracts to private companies with friends in the government. We have seen this happening during the pandemic and it’s been a disaster. For example, £37 billion was wasted on a ‘test and trace’ service that simply didn’t work.


What are 'Integrated Care Systems' and are they an existential threat to the NHS?

We believe the implementation of Integrated Care Systems (ICS) will have a disastrous effects on the accountability, availability and access to services in the NHS as well as negatively impacting the values underpinning the formation of a universal, publicly owned and publicly run National Health Service. We're urging individuals and organisations across civil society to find out more about ICS's and fight back where we can.


Donate to help stop the Centene take-over of our GP surgeries:

The take-over of 49 GP surgeries by Centene, responsible for the GP care of 500,000 NHS patients is being resisted by Keep Our NHS Public along with other campaigners from We Own It and other groups. 


Get hold of some of our campaigning materials on our resources page, and learn more from Keep Our NHS Public Member and NHS GP Louise Irving about why the Centene take-over of GP surgeries is a new and dangerous form of privatisation. 


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