About Us

Keep Our NHS Public is a non-party-political organisation campaigning against the privatisation and underfunding of the NHS.

We support campaigns to reverse the privatisation and commercialisation of social care and to call for health and social care services to be publicly funded, publicly provided and accountable provision. Find out more about our campaigns.

Keep Our NHS Public has worked with a number of other campaigns and want to build the widest possible coalition of individual members, local groups and affiliated organisations to achieve our aims. You can help us achieve this by joining us.

How We Are Organised

Keep Our NHS Public is individual membership organisation with supporters in a network of over 70 local health campaign groups. We have some national affiliates and also many supporting groups such as trade unions and organisations focused on other areas of social justice campaigning. We are predominantly organised across England. We have a national office that supports local campaigns and co-ordinates the Executive Committee’s lobbying efforts.

Keep Our NHS Public’s sovereign body is our Steering Group, made up from the representatives of all of our local groups and other full affiliates. The Steering Group decides our major campaigning and policy positions. The day-to-day running of the organisation is carried out by the Executive Committee members with a small team of paid staff.

Keep Our NHS Public Constitution

The Keep Our NHS Public constitution was last amended in November 2018.


Our most sincere thanks to Geoff, our voluntary web developer, who has given his time and expertise generously to make this site possible.