About Us

Keep Our NHS Public

KONP is a non-party-political organisation campaigning for the following objectives:

  • to stop the privatisation and commercialisation of our NHS;
  • to achieve the reinstatement of a comprehensive, universal, publicly funded, publicly owned, publicly provided and publicly accountable, national health service – free at the point of use; and
  • to defend the NHS from cuts and closures and to campaign for the resources needed to provide excellent health care for all on a long term, sustainable basis.

We want people who need integrated delivery of their health and social care to receive it; but integration of Health and Social Care must evolve in ways consistent with an entirely public National Health Service not means-testing and charges.

KONP wants to build the widest possible coalition of individual members, local groups and affiliated organisations to achieve our aims.

National Health Service – the envy of the world

Ever since 1948, the NHS stands as the greatest contribution towards social and health equality and is an example of how a caring society can create good and safe care based on social solidarity. The NHS is the best way to ensure fair access to treatment for the acute or long-term sick, and those with complex or costly health needs, irrespective of their ability to pay.

It is more democratic and qualitatively better than any insurance system – because the whole population shares the risk of ill health. It is proven to be better value too. That is why it must be properly funded and must be protected from any leak of resources into profits for private shareholders.

We are now standing at a precipice: the NHS has been severely damaged by underfunding and privatisation. Our campaign aims to bring back the NHS from the brink and to reinstate it fully back to public ownership.

Our Aims

Our aims are to:

  • End privatisation of the NHS and bring back government responsibility, ownership and accountability.
  • Repeal the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and enact the NHS Bill drafted by Allyson Pollock and Peter Roderick.
  • End expensive and compulsory competition, reject the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) and reverse all foundation trust plans.
  • Commit to 4% real terms annual increase in funding from taxation to provide a comprehensive, publicly provided, top quality NHS for all, safe staffing levels and fair conditions for staff.
  • Halt harmful cost-driven NHS cuts and closures. Any service reconfigurations must be evidence-based, driven by clinical need, not cost, and be subject to meaningful public consultation.
  • Halt all new private finance initiatives (PFIs). Independent review of PFI deals with effective action to reduce unfair PFI debts.

All of these are aimed at ending privatisation of our NHS and keeping it a publicly owned and accountable service, free for all at the point of delivery. They will not be realised unless plans to break up the NHS then switch the most profitable parts of it to private health companies while under-funding the rest are stopped.

You can stop them: by joining with others. Please, join us.

How We Are Organised

KONP is a network of local health campaign groups (with some affiliates focused on other areas of social justice campaigning) spread across England. We have a national office that supports local campaigns and co-ordinates the Executive Committee’s lobbying efforts.

KONP’s sovereign body is our Steering Group, made up from the representatives of all of our local groups. The Steering Group votes on all major campaigning and policy positions. The day to day running of the organisation is carried out by the Executive Committee members with a small paid staff.

Steering Group

The Steering Group (SG) is Keep Our NHS Public’s ‘parliament’: its decision-making body for matters of policy and overall direction.

Each KONP group or full affiliate group can nominate their delegate to steering group meetings as their representative. SG representatives are allowed to vote at SG meetings.  Supporting affiliate groups can send someone to SG meetings but they do not have voting rights.

SG meetings are held bi-monthly, with alternate meetings held outside London.

If you are a Steering Group representative or Executive Committee member, you can access the Steering Group pages here. To arrange access please contact our national administrator at nationaladmin@keepournhspublic.com.


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