Let them know: Our NHS is NOT for scrapping 4 March London

As people die on trolleys in A&E; as doctors warn that cancer patients are going to lose their battle with cancer because their operations are cancelled; as STPs spell out the cuts they really mean; this government does NOTHING but pretend there is no problem. Can such arrogance go unanswered? Can you rest knowing the NHS is in the hands of people who fully intend to see it run to ruin, even when the biggest NHS bosses of all are saying enough is enough

Let them know. Let them see that the people of this country are not content to see the NHS break down through callous under-investment and selling-off. 4 March. London. What is shaping up to be the biggest demonstration for the NHS ever seen. Keep Our NHS Public is supporting this demo called by Health Campaigns Together together with The People’s Assembly. You can join us. Please, help stop this attack on our NHS.

@nhscampaigns on Twitter. Follow #ourNHS to stay informed about the demonstration and our campaign.

Check the dedicated Demo site for details and travel information.

Also the Facebook events page 

Details also on the Health Campaigns Together site, or download the PDF.

March in March. March, for the NHS.


6 comments on “Let them know: Our NHS is NOT for scrapping 4 March London

    • I am incensed at the dismantling of the NHS by stealth.

      I believe the two tier GP initiative instigated by some “enterprising” GZps should be made illegal. It plays straight into the government’s hands.

  1. We / our parents / our grand parents/ our brother’s and sister’s / our sons and daughter’s have paid to keep our NHS, how dare they even think of selling it off, it’s ours and we have a right to keep it!.

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