Let them know: Our NHS is NOT for scrapping 4 March London

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As people die on trolleys in A&E; as doctors warn that cancer patients are going to lose their battle with cancer because their operations are cancelled; as STPs spell out the cuts they really mean; this government does NOTHING but pretend there is no problem. Can such arrogance go unanswered? Can you rest knowing the NHS is in the hands of people who fully intend to see it run to ruin, even when the biggest NHS bosses of all are saying enough is enough

Let them know. Let them see that the people of this country are not content to see the NHS break down through callous under-investment and selling-off. 4 March. London. What is shaping up to be the biggest demonstration for the NHS ever seen. Keep Our NHS Public is supporting this demo called by Health Campaigns Together together with The People’s Assembly. You can join us. Please, help stop this attack on our NHS.

@nhscampaigns on Twitter. Follow #ourNHS to stay informed about the demonstration and our campaign.

Check the dedicated Demo site for details and travel information.

Also the Facebook events page 

Details also on the Health Campaigns Together site, or download the PDF.

March in March. March, for the NHS.


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  1. The Government spins pointless figures, so what if there are given more as a total, but if there are more people it could mean they are given less per person. Until the government becomes honest about how much they are paying, I have no choice but to believe the people who actually do the job.

    • I am incensed at the dismantling of the NHS by stealth.

      I believe the two tier GP initiative instigated by some “enterprising” GZps should be made illegal. It plays straight into the government’s hands.

  2. We / our parents / our grand parents/ our brother’s and sister’s / our sons and daughter’s have paid to keep our NHS, how dare they even think of selling it off, it’s ours and we have a right to keep it!.

  3. I agree with rosella all nhs staff who are not on duty should be there and let the goverment know how we are feeling,i have never known it to be so difficult since i qualified as a registered nurse in 1885
    I want to be able to tell my grandchildren that i did not stand by as our wonderful nhs was dismantled

  4. So the slime within the Conservative Party has finally shown it’s true colours! They have been accused of wanting to do this for years and have denied it, saying the NHS is in safe hands with them. Well, it now becomes a matter of national emergency to get an alternative political party into office. Loathe though I am to say it I see no other real alternative except the Labour Party. God help us in other respects with Jeremy Corbyn at the helm, but if he cannot be ousted before the next election and a more middle-of the-road leader substituted we shall just have to go with him and hope for the best. The NHS is invaluable to almost every man, woman and child in the UK, and it cannot be allowed to pass into the hands of the profiteers without a hell of a fight.

    I shall be there on March 4th in the company of every other soul I can muster

    • Who are these ‘more middle of the road’ candidates in Labour? If you think the NHS is going to be safe in the hands of the Blarites within the party you are living in cloud cuckoo land. The PFIs that Blair instigated are a great example, and, surprise surprise, those have already been sold on for a profit.

  5. Politicians of all parties have already seriously undermined the NHS. It belongs to the British people not them. If we, the people, don’t fight for it we will loose it altogether. We must ensure that the NHS ontinues, as it was intended to do, to provide the best possible service, free at the point of access, for everyone in the UK who needs it.

  6. I have been working as a volunteer and have chaired various committees regarding public involvement, for a few years. From what I see NHS staff and managers are working hard at all levels to transform the NHS and are obstructed by problems caused by successive governments: who followed ideology rather than good clinical and management practice; failed to fulfill their governmental role to ensure an adequate resource to meet rising population needs, i.e. trained clinicians and support staff; systematically failed to adhere to to standards they demand from others; eroded public services such as housing, justice, social security, education, social care, environmental and other community services; created a climate of stressful employment conditions. Those failures have caused a lot of damage to services and increased stress and illness, adding to demands of increased population. Government needs to fix all this if the NHS is to be sustainable. They need to recognise that current measures to become more efficient are being undermined because existing deficits prevent changes that could produce longer term savings, e.g. Early intervention and prevention, which needs a boost at the same time as dealing with the consequences of systematic failure to support public services. If you only pay for half a bridge it does not produce any result. There needs to be all party agreement to see this through. National government and Local authorities all too frequently breach or fail to fulfill their statutory duty and this has become a matter of course, which itself causes illness, and the NHS has to pick up the tab for failures caused elsewhere.

  7. Let’s hope the right wing press which includes just about every Daily Newspaper along with ITV and the BBC covers this without any bias..

  8. We never want to go back to pre 1947 we have a wonderful NHS leave it alone we were the best in the world until conservatives got hold of it

  9. Establishment of the NHS as a free and comprehensive service has been the best thing done by any government since the 2nd world war. It has already been partially whittled away – prescriptions and dentistry haven’t been free for most of us for many years. But what is happening now, the running down of services, the semi privatisation and the demands that staff already stretched to the limit should work even harder can only be seen as either incredibly inept or as a deliberate policy to destroy the service altogether.

  10. The NHS is paid for by the people of Britain not the government. So 1 where is the money that David Cameron sold half the NHS for witch was not his to sell. 2 how can the country afford to live ect and pay for private health care? This will mean the law income will have to suffer but not others. I think it disgusting that they want to scrap it. Just because the people in parliament and higher can afford what they like don’t mean we all can. I don’t want my children to grow up having to suffer if they end up on low income it just wrong !!!!!!!

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