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Press Summary – 21st November

21 November 2017 Bri English 1

NHS chiefs demand more money for NHS ahead of Autumn budget 21 November 2017 Our post Fund Our NHS! gives an overview of the many and varying sources that have called on Philip Hammond to […]

Escalating pressures on GP family doctors

10 November 2017 Bri English 1

General Practice crisis – ‘situation critical’ on Hunt’s watch Threats from private GP companies masquerading under the NHS logo, claims that ‘apps’ are better than seeing your GP,  and now selected patients encouraged to transfer to new […]

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Press Summary – 27th October

27 October 2017 Bri English 0

27th October There was outcry amongst campaigners, press and politicians following the disclosure of Southend University Hospital Trust’s plans to trial an ‘Airbnb’ style plan of sending discharged patients to private spare rooms. These plans […]

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Press Summary – 17th October

17 October 2017 Bri English 0

16th October Brexit causing European staff to leave the NHS A BBC analysis shows that there is a greater proportion of EU Nationals leaving the NHS and many fewer joining, presumably in reaction to their […]

Press Summary: 21 August

21 August 2017 Tony O'Sullivan 0

17 August   NHS cuts stripping basic medicines from the poor Polly Toynbee’s piece on increasing number of drugs being taken ‘off list’ so people have to pay for them themselves. Guardian [25+ more […]

Press Summary: 16 August

16 August 2017 Tony O'Sullivan 0

9 August Tories double NHS sell-off The legacy of Naylor – done on the quiet. Independent. [9+ more stories]

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Press Summary: 8 August 2017

8 August 2017 Tony O'Sullivan 0

31 July Relationship between councils and NHS cracking under strain Grim summary of what the cuts and over-bearing ministerial tramplings are doing to what is supposed to be a core relationship between co-operating parties (see […]