Press Summary: 16 August

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9 August

Tories double NHS sell-off

The legacy of Naylor – done on the quiet. Independent.

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Oxford MP calls for halt to STP (local)

Oxford KONP not cited directly but they do get a mention in the pic caption – so well done Oxford. Oxford Mail


Burton hospital bosses give assurances to staff over merger (local)

Burton KONP are mentioned – well done Burton. Burton Mail.

They also get a plug in the same paper 3 days later, same story – bravo!


10 August


Waiting lists for elective surgery ‘longest for a decade’

The NHS bashing continues. No mention anywhere of the chronic under-funding driving this – but this is the Telegraph.

Compared with the far more even-handed reporting in iNews


13 August


NHS will be selling ‘surplus’ land for 10 years – but will it make a difference?

Intelligent commentary on Naylor. iNews


Almost all large trusts fail to have correct numbers of nurses

As bursaries are cut. Report about an RCN report. iNews


14 August


Row over land sell-off in Hertfordshire (local)

The first of many, if the government gets its way. An unseemly scramble to hand public land over to private developers – so they can make even more money. Neoliberalism at its worst. This land is till in use by clinical departments. Hertfordshire Mercury


15 August


NHS treatments are a postcode lottery

Confirming the worsening inequalities across England as cuts take effect. Guardian


Campaigners to stage protest over hospital closure (local)

Good example of pre-publicity possible once a good relationship with local press is built up. Burton KONP cited as one of organisers; well done Burton. Burton Mail

With the follow-up 2 days later, again citing Burton KONP amongst others.


Recent national enquiries have included ‘Voice of Islam’ radio and the Morning Star (latest quote, ) (the former for live phone-in contributions).

These summaries provide a guide to the main stories in the preceding week, but you can get alerts sent about health stories to yourself every day. This is done through Google news and Google alerts: free services anyone can set up.

Mobile devices also have free apps that provide news, which you can filter with varying degrees of control.

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