Press Summary – 21st November

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NHS chiefs demand more money for NHS ahead of Autumn budget

21 November 2017
Our post Fund Our NHS! gives an overview of the many and varying sources that have called on Philip Hammond to properly fund the NHS ahead of the Autumn budget. Many major news outlets have picked up on this and have reported that the government is likely to ignore the advice and pleas of NHS chiefs and health professionals.

The Guardian – Budget boost for NHS to fall well short of management demands

The Times – May and Hammond should listen to NHS chief’s demands for more cash

The Independent – Chancellor told to find billions more to rescue ‘top priority’ NHS in Budget

The Telegraph – Philip Hammond puts Government on pre-Budget collision course with NHS as he dismisses ‘Armageddon’ funding warning

The Sun – ‘APOCALYPSE’ ROW Philip Hammond ridicules NHS chief after plea for more health service cash

National Health Executive – Hammond dismissive of health organisations’ £4bn claim

European Doctors set to leave NHS in droves after Brexit

14 November 2017
Brexit’s impact on the NHS featured in the mainstream media, with many sources reporting on European staff leaving the NHS as a result of Brexit. The story stems from a survey by the BMA of 1,720 doctors from the European Economic Area countries (EEA):

BMA – EEA doctor exodus threat grows

The Guardian – The real saboteurs are the Tory Brexiters destroying the NHS

Belfast Telegraph – Nearly half NHS doctors from EEA considering leaving the UK, survey reveals

International business times – One in five European NHS Doctors have made solid plans to quit UK thanks to Brexit

The Independent – Brexit: One in five EU doctors make plans to leave NHS because of withdrawal

The London Economic – Thousands of doctors set to flee the NHS following Brexit

The Huffington Post – Brexit Has Led Nearly A Fifth Of European NHS Doctors To Make Solid Plans To Quit UK

GP Online – Hundreds of GPs could quit UK over Brexit, BMA poll suggests

Salisbury Journal – Rise in EU staff quitting Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust since vote for Brexit

London Loves Business – Brexit woes: One in five European NHS doctors considering leaving the UK

Judicial Review v. Jeremy Hunt and Accountable Care Organisations

3 – 7 November
Well done to Professor Allyson Pollock, Peter Roderick, Professor Sue Richards, Dr Colin Hutchinson and Dr Graham Winyard for the coverage of their legal challenge against the current Secretary of State for Health and ACOs.

I-News – Doctors seek judicial review ‘to stop Jeremy Hunt trying to Americanise the NHS by stealth’

The Independent – Jeremy Hunt faces legal action over attempts to ‘Americanise’ the NHS

The Guardian – These little-known opaque bodies could run health services. Are they legal?

GP at Hand service and motion to privatise GP service LMC Conference

10 November
Please see KONP’s post Escalating Pressures on Primary Care for links to press stories the GP at Hand Service and a motion to privatise GP services

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  1. Well done for the expose”, yet another fat cats steal on the way.
    I suspect health professionals – e.g. consultants, GPS – at the higher income levels will generally go with the flow,
    So how do we manage political support for the NHS?

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