Data marketing: take action

◼︎The government wants our personal information to be shared easily with private companies, claiming this will allow them to create new knowledge and products and so help UK economic growth.

 In response, NHS England will pressurise underfunded NHS organisations (e.g. Trusts and GP practices) to set up deals with third parties, including private companies, allowing them to use our health data without our awareness or consent and in return for dubious ‘rewards’.  All this at a time when safeguards for our data are being weakened.

◼︎ Most people are against the use of their health data for commercial purposes. This new scheme could lead to loss of public trust and more people ‘opting out’ of allowing their data to be used for research, with serious consequences for the NHS data store and the public good. View/download our Briefing below for further information

Please write to your MP, trades union, and/or local Integrated Care Board with our Briefing to flag up your concern (See below for Briefing and template covering letter for you to adapt). Our leaflet will be available shortlly for use on stalls etc.

Find out more about the KONP Health Data working group