Mental health

Here you can find out about our ongoing campaign to tackle the mental health crisis. We believe the crisis has been caused by nearly 10 years of austerity leaving a population uniquely vulnerable to mental health issues and services struggling to provide the care so urgently needed.

Chronic underfunding has pushed mental health services to the brink, and the problem is getting worse. Understaffing, cuts and failure to provide early interventions for mental health patients is putting unprecedented pressure on A&E departments, emergency services and beds. Patients are being forced to travel further, and suffer worsening health, as they wait longer for treatment. In all this the experience of service users is often unheard, especially when it comes to women and people from BME communities.
It is our aim to bring together existing NHS and service user campaigns, the Labour Movement, trade unions and members of the public into a new network of activists ready to take on the root causes of the mental health crisis.

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In a cost-of-living crisis, we cannot afford to continue neglecting mental health services
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Alia Butt
Psychotherapist and Chair of NHS Staff Voices, part of Keep Our NHS Public