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UK’s new back to work plan will make life even harder for disabled people ‘
Richard Machin, Nottingham Trent University

Public meeting: A Fair deal for Care and Support Workers
We are holding the third in our series of Fair Deal meetings on Monday October 23rd 6.30-8pm. This will be on ‘A Fair Deal for Care and Support Workers’  with Billie Cooper and Alison Treacher  from “Care and Support Workers Organise”, Barbara Tanyanyiwa from the Pan African Workers Association, Steve North, Unison Vice President & Branch Secretary of Salford Unison etc.  We are also hoping for confirmation from Nadia Whittome MP and have invited Andrew Gwynne, who is now the Shadow Minister of State for Social Care.      

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Labour Party conference in Liverpool 2023

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End Social Care Disgrace is campaigning for a national care, support and independent living service (NaCSILS). It is a unique alliance seeking to bring together disabled and older people, unpaid carers, health campaigners, care and support workers and trade unions to put Social Care in the Spotlight and pursue radical change.  Keep Our NHS Public is fully committed to the campaign and Tony O’Sullivan, KONP’s co-chair, chairs the End Social Care Disgrace Campaign steering group.  Find out more about the campaign at its website nacsils.co.uk

We are demanding that care and support should be publicly provided, universally available and free at the point of use as initially intended for the NHS. However we also believe that a change in ownership is not sufficient.  Just getting the market out and calling for a national CARE service will not suffice. Current provision is often deeply institutionalised, rooted in a medical model, focused almost entirely on trying to meet people’s basic physical needs and delivered within a protectionist welfare model of “doing to”,  where those drawing on services are not regarded as full agents and equal members of society. 


Ten things wrong with Barclay and Whately’s social care plans to give the NHS £200m to buy beds in care homes, hotels, hospices and independent hospitals
Gilda Peterson writes

Difficulties discharging over thirteen thousand patients safely are slowing the flow through hospitals while being stuck in hospital when you don’t need medical care is both mentally and physically harmful. People risk picking up hospital acquired infections, muscle loss and impaired mobility, reduced confidence and independence skills.  So what’s not to like about Barclay’s plan?  Sadly quite a lot…

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We are calling for the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities ( UNCRPD ) to be embedded in UK legislation and for a root and branch re- imagining of what support is provided,  working in equal partnership with disabled and older people, families,  workers and communities.

We are also joining up with other organisations to resist the current massive attack on the cost of living. Disabled and older people who bore the brunt of Covid, now face a triple onslaught from rising fuel and food costs, declining real income and increased charges for support, as councils try to claw back every penny they can from disabled people’s benefits. This is adding to their impoverishment and increasing exclusion as many people see their support shrink or feel forced to give up vital support in order to sustain ordinary activities,  like meeting up with family.  Meanwhile about 8 million family carers including 800,000 children struggle to fill the gaps with little or no help at all. 



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