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Strike support materials 

Please feel free to download our ‘I Stand with NHS Staff materials’ here. There’ll be posters, stickers, badges and much more to come so do check back soon for new material as it becomes available.

For the speediest turn around possible, if you want less than 1000 leaflets, we recommend downloading the print quality pdf below and arranging printing yourself with your local printer.

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I stand with NHS staff’ leaflets

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KONP and SOSNHS Solidarity actions

Thousands of nursing and ambulance staff are taking part in strikes in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

KONP groups and health campaigners stand with nurses and ambulance workers all over the country on picket lines and outside hospitals.

Strike locations and dates next week

For RCN strike plans see here

Physiotherapists (CSP) 9 Februarysee here for strike information

Ambulance staff


➤ GMB see GMB news

➤ UNITE see Unite news

Nurses at Kings College Hospital SE Lonoon 19 January
See our December strike gallery
January strike gallery … work in progress

A second fantastic march from University College Hospital to Downing Street organised by NHS workers say NO, NHS Staff Voices and Keep Our NHS Public.

Full list of strikes and other date

Saturday 28 January KONP national Day of action solidarity with NHS strikes

➤ Wednesday 1 February NEU demo London; national TUC Day of action; PCS

➤ Monday 6 February – RCN; Unite (in North West, North East, West Midlands, East Midlands and Wales), plus GMB ambulance workers and nurses

➤ Tuesday 7 February RCN

Thursday 9 February Physiotherapists (CSP)

Friday 10 February Unison – ambulance staff

➤ Saturday 11 February KONP AGM

➤ Thursday 16 February – Unite (in Northern Ireland) plus GMB workers

Friday 17 February – Unite (in West Midlands and Northern Ireland)

Monday 20 February – Unite (in East Midlands, North East and Wales) plus GMB workers

➤ Wednesday 22 February – Unite (in North West)

Thursday 23 February – Unite (in Northern Ireland)

➤ Friday 24 February – Unite (in Northern Ireland)

➤ Saturday 25 February We Own It Parliament Square

Monday 6 March – Unite (in North West, North East, West Midlands, East Midlands and Wales) plus GMB workers

Saturday 11 March SOS NHS Demonstration

Wednesday 15 March NEU lobby Westminster action; Budget statement

➤ Saturday 18 March Stand up To Racism demo

➤ Monday 20 March – Unite (in North West, North East,West Midlands, East Midlands and Wales) plus GMB workers

Excellent summary from Tom Griffiths, Head of Campaigns, Keep Our NHS Public

What we think

◼︎Nurses need better pay. Many can’t actually survive without it. Nurses are resorting to foodbanks and are being forced to decide whether to eat or heat. Health Care Assistants and Band 5 nurses form the bulk of the workforce and they are the worst paid.

◼︎ We need to train more nurses and retain more nurses
Inexperienced nurses rely on experienced  colleagues – the very ones who are leaving or taking (often early) retirement. Working conditions are so bad that the workforce is haemorrhaging staff and nurses can receive their NHS pensions at 60 and a few at 55

◼︎ Still no plan for the NHS workforce
The Government had a chance to do something about pay. They could have agreed to a legally binding and funded workforce strategy when passing the Health and Care Act earlier this year. They refused this opportunity but it’s the only long-term solution. However one quick action to help retain nurses and immediately alleviate this nursing crisis is to increase pay. And the only way to do this appears to be to strike because the government is not listening to anything else.

◼︎ Safe care for patients
Nurses have a duty to keep patients safe and they want and try to, but are unable because of lack of funding and poor staffing levels. Daily we hear stories in the media of patients dying because of lack of beds, scanners, ambulances… and staff.

Read more Why nurses need to strike by RCN member Gay Lee

And more…

◼︎ Nurses need a restorative pay rise of 15% – and the government could choose to make that happen, it’s a political choice.

◼︎77% of the public support a 10% pay rise for all nurses (Yougov) and 78% of public support an annual pay rise for all nurses (Yougov)

◼︎82% of people think the government should increase NHS funding (Yougov)

◼︎Half (53%) of Britons say they would support increasing the basic rate of income tax from 20% to 21% and using the money raised to increase spending on the NHS. Fewer than a third of people (31%) are opposed. (YouGov)

◼︎Nurses on the frontline have seen their pay cut to the extent that they are £6,000 per year worse off now than in 2010 when the Conservative party first took office and implemented austerity measures (nursing notes).

◼︎With a cost of living crisis and inflation expected to hit 11%, 4% to 5% means this

Read more for full messaging guide

RCN strike news

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All the RCN striking hospitals are listed here

See here for Strike map (users can search by union)

RCN strike fund

Ambulance strike news

Standing up for the NHS and patients
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Union materials

RCN poster: 
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GMB poster:
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UNITE poster:
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