Keep Our NHS Public has access to a wealth of information on issues related to the NHS. This is invaluable for campaigners and researchers. We hope that this page will be an important resource for our members and affiliated groups, other campaigners and the public.

Currently we have the following resources:

  • Resource Cabinet – This is an A to Z of issues from Ageing and the NHS to International health systems, from Privatisation to Weekend effect. The source is mainly weblinks. There are also some documents to view and/or download from our site. The Cabinet will be added to over time. We would be happy to receive suggestions for adding to this resource.
  • Keep Our NHS Public Picture Archive – Here is a free to use collection of pictures from our campaigning up and down the country.
  • External Links – KONP has strong links with several organisations with whom we cooperate closely. There are additional organisations which are an important source of information. You can find these organisations listed on the External Links page. The list is not comprehensive and we welcome suggestions to complement this.
  • Video Listing – We offer here useful audiovisual materials here from different sources, including KONP’s YouTube. We hope these are of educational interest, helpful for speeches and presentations and also of historic interest.