Health and Care Act

The deeply flawed Health and Care Bill has now been agreed by Parliament.

Keep Our NHS Public strongly opposed the Bill, which – along with the guidance and regulations that come with it – signpost further fragmentation of the NHS, greater privatisation and damage to services and the workforce.

The Bill does not address any of the problems facing the NHS or social care and will distract from efforts to rebuild the NHS while it is still dealing with the Covid pandemic.

For more information about the Act and what it will mean see:

KONP statement
The Health and Care Bill becomes an Act: why it matters to us all


The Act also provides the legal framework required to fragment the NHS in England into 42 Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), which pose a threat not least by allowing the private sector an even bigger role than it has currently, a role we believe is far too much already.
More details on ICSs
Further information on actions to take


New Payment Scheme will have profound impact
Few patients, NHS staff or health campaigners have heard of the new Payment Scheme introduced by the Health and Care Act 2022. As the Bill went through Parliament, only Margaret Greenwood MP and Lord Hendy spoke out against the Scheme. But it will have a profound impact on the finance available in each Integrated Care System (ICS), and therefore on staffing and patient care.
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Health and Care Bill Campaign materials developed to fight the Bill contain highly relevant information and so may still be of interest.

Background information

Useful presentations/speeches

Letters and briefing notes


Model motions
Oppose the Health and Care Bill 2021: Model motion for trades unions

Parliamentary reading


Sign the petition, protect the NHS

Keep Our NHS Public member and NHS GP Louise Irvine has launched a petition to scrap the NHS Health and Care Bill to protect the NHS. 

Head over to to find out why it is so important this Bill is stopped as soon as possible. 

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