Mental health campaigns

On this page we will feature mental health campaigns particularly those carried out by local groups.

Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign CAMHS have fought twice to stop cuts to CAMHS by Lewisham Council. Follow the link to read about the 2021 campaign, see the regular bulletins written by campaigners, two of whom were CAMHS workers, Labour Party and TU motions and other campaigning activities. The campaigns involved parents and Councillors. The 2021 campaign followed a previous attempt to cut the CAMHS budget in 2018 when the Council agreed not to make the cut. In 2021 the Council agreed to withhold the cut.
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Dr Tony O’Sullivan, retired paediatrician and former Director of Children’s Services at Lewisham and Greenwich Trust said at a Lewisham Council meeting:
‘The impact on the local population and in this case the young and vulnerable is intolerable. We implore the Mayor and Cabinet to work with  campaigners, the LGA other Councils, and with the national Labour Party, to launch an awareness campaign on the dangers to life and health from the impact of Government cuts to Local Authorities.