Trade Agreements

Keep Our NHS Public has been campaigning against the NHS being included in trade deals for years, from the threats posed by TTIP through to Brexit, we have made it clear that making the NHS part of trade deals would be a disaster it would be hard to recover from.

As the UK Government turns its attentions to post-Brexit trade deals the NHS is more vulnerable than ever to being included in trade deals, and there is less clarity than ever about what the future holds.

Keep Our NHS Public’s campaigning

Last year over one million of you helped us deliver the message to the Conservative Party that we wanted Trump to keep his hands off our NHS, with our petition by Keep Our NHS Public member Sonia Adesara. To date over 1,250,000 of you have signed it.

We also teamed up with Global Justice Now and We Own It to ask MPs to sign our pledge to protect the NHS. It riled the Conservatives so much they banned their own candidates from signing it in the 2019 General Election.

The threats to the NHS from a post-Brexit trade deal are similar to the threats from previous trade deals that would have put the NHS “on the table”. Find out more about these threats below.

The threat to the NHS from trade deals: