Regular Donations to KONP

It's quick, easy and secure. Everything you can give helps us do all we can to safeguard our greatest achievement, a universal free at the point of use, National Health Service. Regular donations are especially important as they enable us to plan ahead and know that our campaign can maintain its work over time. Please give generously. 

Below are some suggested donations. You can also set up a regular donation of any amount by calling us on 020 7241 4443, ext. 210.

*We use GoCardless to process your donations which is safe and secure. It's cheaper than most other providers which means more of your money goes to us rather than fees to big companies. You can read their privacy statement here. Please note, we don't keep any of your banking information.

You can find our more about our privacy and data-handling policies here.

If you'd prefer you can still set up a direct debit or make a one-off payment of any amount via Paypal. However, this costs us more and less of your money goes to us. We'd prefer you used the links above. But anything you can give even this way is still gratefully received!

Donate any other amount via paypal here:

Click here to donate by paypal. *Here you can set up either a regular donation or a one-off donation of any amount.