Press Summary Tuesday 22 December 2015

Devolution: detailed analysis

The likely grave consequences and the legislative framework for health devolution, with massive differences in provision over the country and a lack of integrated services as the true legacy, are described by Greg Dropkin’s article in Our NHS:

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HCT Newspaper Pulls No Punches

Health Campaigns Together, the alliance of health campaign organisations formed to coordinate and promote the action to save the NHS, has published a free PDF newspaper  listing the threats facing the NHS and calling for organisations to attend a major conference in London on 30 January. Read more HCT Newspaper Pulls No Punches

NHS Choir Makes a Hit

The National Health Singers, a collective of NHS staff, singers, musicians and public supporters of the National Health Service, have released a single, “Yours” which they hope will prove especially popular over Christmas:

The “NHS”, which encourages people from all over the country to join regional choirs, is hoping the song will bring attention to the plight of the NHS and its staff:

“We are one united national choir, but we have multiple regional choirs who meet regularly.

“We started our choir to unite the British public with their NHS workers. We aim to empower EVERYONE to fight for their NHS. We’re singing for it’s survival and we need your help. We aim to raise awareness of the current threats to the NHS, whilst at the same time boosting morale, increasing positivity and ultimately protecting our National Health Service!”


KONP GP Challenges GP Slur

GP and Keep Our NHS public campaigner Dr David Wrigley has challenged assertions made by the Care Quality Commision’s Inspector of General Practice, Dr Steve Field – himself a GP. Field has publicly condemned many GPs as failing their patients and general practice, telling the Daily Mail that they had “failed their profession”. Read more KONP GP Challenges GP Slur