Press Summary: 30 December 2015

30th December 2015 Tony O'Sullivan 0

24/12 NHS in Peril (local, Leicester) A good summary of what is threatening the NHS, and why KONP exists. Leicester Mercury: 9 more stories…

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NHS Choir – Number 1, Make it So!

23rd December 2015 Tony O'Sullivan 0

The NHS Choir’s single, ‘A Bridge Over You’ (based on the Simon & Garfunkel hit, Bridge Over Troubled Water) is fighting with Justin Bieber’s release, ‘Love Yourself’ , for the Christmas No 1 slot.

Press Summary: 22 December 2015

22nd December 2015 Tony O'Sullivan 0

Devolution: detailed analysis The likely grave consequences and the legislative framework for health devolution, with massive differences in provision over the country and a lack of integrated services as the true legacy, are described by […]

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HCT Newspaper Pulls No Punches

21st December 2015 Tony O'Sullivan 0

Health Campaigns Together, the alliance of health campaign organisations formed to coordinate and promote the action to save the NHS, has published a free PDF newspaper  listing the threats facing the NHS and calling for […]

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NHS Choir Makes a Hit

16th December 2015 Tony O'Sullivan 0

The National Health Singers, a collective of NHS staff, singers, musicians and public supporters of the National Health Service, have released a single, “Yours” which they hope will prove especially popular over Christmas: The “NHS”, […]

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KONP GP Challenges GP Slur

16th December 2015 Tony O'Sullivan 0

GP and Keep Our NHS public campaigner Dr David Wrigley has challenged assertions made by the Care Quality Commision’s Inspector of General Practice, Dr Steve Field – himself a GP. Field has publicly condemned many […]