Press Summary: 30 December 2015

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24/12 NHS in Peril (local, Leicester)

A good summary of what is threatening the NHS, and why KONP exists.

Leicester Mercury:

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24/12 Justin Bieber tells fans to by NHS choir single

Widely reported tweet by Bieber asking his fans to buy the NHS choir’s single instead of his. The NHS Choir made the number 1 slot.


BBC News:



24/12 NHS ‘extra’ budget already spent

The £3.8 billion extra funding promised by the government for the NHS is already spent. Contrasting stances taken by:


Daily Mail;


25/12 Christmas in an A&E

Doctor’s biographical account of real-life experience in an A&E throughout Christmas, to offset the ’24 hour’ myths about the NHS.



26/12 Manchester NHS staff share pics on Christmas working on social media (local)

Manchester Evening News:


26/12 Ambulance service ‘frequent callers’ draw criticism

The need to find out more about why some patients call on 999 ambulances frequently was covered by the Guardian:

And less even handedly by the Daily Mail:


26/12 Bolton MP calls for re-think on scrapping NHS nurse bursaries (local)

Bolton News:


30/12 Manchester doctor calls for NHS to be brought back to founding principles (local)

Reflecting KONP’s aims. Manchester Evening News:


30/12 Junior doctors prepare to strike after 4 Jan

Daily Express:



30/12 Yorkshire MP criticises Yorkshire trust’s use of Ernst & Young – £15 million fees

Daily Mirror:

STOP PRESS: There’s a Better Way…

You can now get alerts sent about health stories yourself. This is much better than a regular, ‘supplied’ service because you can choose what key words trigger the alerts: “Keep Our NHS Pubic”, “NHS”, “health” – your choice. Then you can adjust the settings to improve the coverage. This has the added advantage that local stories to you can be searched for, as well as national. Alerts can be set up to send you an e-mail as a story breaks, or summarise them under headings you decide once a day.

This is done through Google news and Google alerts: free services anyone can set up. To find out how to do this, go to the Steering Group, News & Events section on the KONP website ( ) and look for the “starter set of instructions”.

… and please don’t forget, your smartphone or tablet will have free apps that look for and filter news, too: try configuring those for health stories, or the NHS, as well.

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