KONP Newsflash – October 2016

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Upcoming rally in support of the NHS Reinstatement Bill

KONP has helped organise a demonstration in support of the second reading of the NHS Bill at 11.00am Friday November 4th. The meeting point for anyone planning to attend is College Green pavement area, opposite the public entrance to Parliament, Abingdon Street.

Whilst it is very unlikely that the Bill will be taken KONP has agreed to mark the day with a public display of support at Parliament. KONP and the The Campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill will push for the next opportunity to present the Bill, which is not going away!

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Video by KONP Co-chair: Show it to anyone who still doubts

Keep Our NHS Public Co-Chair Dr Tony O’Sullivan has been videod by Ealing Save Our NHS, answering the questions people ask about the NHS: is it being privatised, isn’t private better, why the NHS is best. This absolutely needs to be seen. Widely.

Press Summary: 4 October

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27 September

Accountancy giant PWC paid £300k to help slash Mersey NHS services (local)

Another glimpse of what STPs are really going to be about. Liverpool Echo



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