People's Covid Inquiry

Keep Our NHS Public has launched the People's Covid Inquiry to ensure we learn lessons and save lives. The Government's dither and delay, and refusal to respond to calls to an inquiry into its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has meant campaigners are forced to take matters into their own hands.

Take our survey, and sign up to our sessions featuring Sir David King, Professor Sir Michael Marmot, Michael Rosen, Caroline Lucas MP, Michael Mansfield QC and many others.

Crush Covid

Keep Our NHS Public campaigners in Oxfordshire have launched a campaign to Crush Covid by bringing contact-tracing back into public control. Oxford and Lambeth local councils have adopted motions pledging to bring contact-tracing under local authority control and are urging others to do the same.

Find out more on the Oxfordshire KONP website.

Previous campaigns

Since news of the coronavirus pandemic broke, Keep Our NHS Public has campaigned for policy to protect the NHS and the public first and foremost.

Our campaigns have included the following:

Protecting NHS staff and the public

Since COVID-19 infections started occurring in the UK Keep Our NHS Public has campaigned against damaging policy. Here are some of the campaigns we have held over the past year:

Our 6 Demands petition to protect NHS staff in April 2020

Produced our guides on workers rights and COVID-19

Health and social care worker memorial

Supporting Clap for Carers

Keep Our NHS Public has also supported the call for a public inquiry into the deaths of people who have died from coronavirus, as called by their families.

Stop privatisation and cronyism

Our petition calling for test, trace and isolate services to be brought under public control, in September 2020.

Campaign against misinformation

We collated a range of useful resources for you to check news from other sources against, on our COVID-19 analysis page.

Keep Our NHS Public has also provided a platform for NHS Frontline voices to be heard throughout the pandemic.