CORONAVIRUS HUB: Covid-19 Campaigns and latest news

Keep Our NHS Public is committed to supporting the NHS and its workers as they tackle the current coronavirus crisis. You can read our latest position statement on our news pages.

Here is some information about our campaign so far, including ways you can help.

Covid-19 analysis

Keep Our NHS Public has collated a number of key, independent resources that track the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK.

Check our our analysis page for more information.

Bring test and trace into NHS control

GP and member of Keep Our NHS Public Dr Louise Irvine has launched a petition to bring test and trace into public, NHS hands. Though the current system is called NHS Test and Trace it is infact run by SERCO who have a litany of failures behind them.

Our NHS can’t cope with a second wave of mistakes. Sign the petition:

Public enquiry

Keep Our NHS Public is proud to support the recent call by families of the bereaved for a public enquiry into the Government’s handling of the Covid crisis.

Recent reports from the Office of National Statistics show that England has the largest number of excess deaths during the period of the Covid-19 epidemic than any other European country. This statistic provides a reliable comparison as it cuts out all of the differences in how deaths are recorded.  It is therefore a genuine measure of the performance of the government, and shows it to have been devastatingly poor at looking after us.  There are tens of thousands of bereaved families who are having to live with the conseqences. Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice are calling for an immediate public enquiry.  Support them here:

You can sign and share the petition at

Workers rights and Covid19

We have a range of resources for people who want to keep safe at work during Covid19, aiming to help you know your rights.

Keep Our NHS Public has compiled specific resources for people who work in:

Keep the lockdown

Keep Our NHS Public was committed to reinstating the lockdown in England for longer, preventing workers from being forced back to work before it is safe, and supporting schools to resist reopening on 1 June.

Online Events

We have already held a number of successful online public meetings with a range of panel members and activists and will continue to do so.

Find out more on our events page and Facebook page.

#6demands Petition

Over 250,000 of you signed our #6demands petition calling for:

  • PPE for NHS staff
  • Support for vulnerable
  • Living wage for all NHS workers
  • Requisition private facilities
  • Transparency over
  • No charges for migrants

Sign and share our petition at

Health and care worker deaths

Keep Our NHS Public has been sharing information on the number of health, care and NHS worker deaths in the UK since the beginning of April.

To find out how we compiled our figures, and see our latest video head to our health and care worker deaths page.

Protect our Carers

Keep Our NHS Public has been cheering for health and care workers since the beginning, and we know this is not enough by itself.

For more resources including posters, to help make a difference every Thursday night at 8pm, head to our Protect our Carers page.

NHS Frontline

Our NHS Staff Group and others have been reporting about the reality of dealing with the coronavirus crisis in our hospitals, GP surgeries and care settings.

Watch their videos on the NHS Frontline page.

Join us

If you want to help us deliver the urgent campaigning needed to support the NHS and its workers right now, find a local group or join us.

Find out more

We have compiled a resource library related to our campaigning around the coronavirus crisis, including links to articles containing more information and analysis.

Use our Covid19 resource library.