Integrated Care Systems

In the midst of a massive COVID-19 epidemic, NHS England (NHSE) is driving through a far-reaching top-down reorganisation of the NHS, based on proposals in the Long Term Plan (2019).

We are concerned that the implications of these changes for the accountability, availability and access to services and values underpinning the management of services have been barely noted within a tumultuous 2020.

Stop ICS rollout in England

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The following documents have been produced by Keep Our NHS Public in order to help campaigners fighting to oppose the roll out of ICSs in England's NHS:

Previous campaigning

NHS England Consultation response

Over Christmas 2020, NHS England issued a consultation document setting out proposals to give Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) a formal legal basis.  The first two documents linked below set out the problems with ICSs.

Noting the serious concerns that have been raised by the Local Government Association and others, including NHS Providers, Keep Our NHS Public is asking all politicians, from every party, to take a stand against these damaging proposals.

You can find out more about the threat posed by Integrated Care Systems in this section:

Integrated healthcare, or healthcare imperialism? by Stewart Player is the co-author with Colin Leys CHPI of 'The Plot Against the NHS' 2011, January 2021

Integrated Care Systems Summary Briefing by Keep Our NHS Public, January 2021

Further detailed analysis of ICSs is given at documents linked below. Part 1 addresses the lack of democratic accountability in ICSs; Part 2 considers threats to social care from ICSs, and Part 3 addresses the internal management of ICS, This analyses the role and approach of multi-national corporates on NHSE’s Health Systems Support Framework (HSSF) which are increasingly being used in the development and ongoing management of ICSs.

Part 1. An alternative vision: achieving democratic accountability, by Keep Our NHS Public, January 2021

Part 2. Social care: relationship to ICSs, by Keep Our NHS Public, January 2021

Part 3. NHSE/I ‘Integrating Care’ – ICS Management, by Keep Our NHS Public, January 2021

Dangerous NHS restructuring to go ahead despite Covid, posted 10 Dec 2020

Secret Government Task Force, Open Democracy,  November 2020

We previously encouraged campaigners to take part in a consultation run by NHS England into Integrated Care Systems in winter 2020/21. You can find out more about that consultation on its landing page.

The following documents were created to help people respond to the consultation which closed on 8th January:

Respond to the consultation

Model answers

Letter invitation