Data bill: take action

Download briefing below to read about the dangers and issues contained in this new version of the Bill

KONP is asking members and supporters to write to their MP to highlight concerns about this dangerous Bill, including its implications for our NHS data, and to provide them with our MPs’ briefin

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  • Transparency in the use of our health data: we should know who is using our data, on whose say so, and for what purpose. Our rights to opt out must be maintained.
  • Sound governance of our health data to ensure patients’ trust.
  • Clarity about how to opt out of third party access to our data, and what consent means.
  • Stewardship of personal health data to rest with the NHS, supported by proper, state-funded investment that will allow the NHS to develop the relevant technologies and staff training.
  • Meaningful citizen engagement about how NHS data can be used.
  • An independent regulator whose primary aim is the rights of citizens rather than the interests of commerce.
  • The potential of health data to be used for the benefit of patients and the public good, not private profit.