Group Membership

Local KONP Groups and NHS campaigns are at the heart of Keep Our NHS Public. It's their hard work which has raised the bar and led the way in standing up for our NHS. Likewise affiliation from supporting campaigns is also essential (for example pensioners, anti-austerity  campaigns and much more), helping us broaden our arguments, create powerful alliances and foster collaborative campaigning. 

Once your group, campaign or organisation affiliates to our campaign, you an be involved in its democratic procedures both to feedback and determine campaigning priorities and needs.

Full Affiliates 

We have local KONP groups (eg Manchester or Hackney KONP) and NHS campaigns (eg Ealing Save Our NHS or Shropshire Defend Our NHS) as full affiliates. You can register as a local group in KONP once you have three members, including yourself, who have become individual members of KONP and upon payment of the local group annual registration fee. Ongoing membership of three, including the steering group delegate, must be maintained annually alongside maintenance of group affiliation. The group will necessarily be an NHS campaign and share the core campaigning aims as Keep Our NHS Public. This is what we call a Full Affiliate.

What you do

  • Get yourself and two others to join KONP
  • Agree your group name
  • Fill in the application form, pay the affiliation fee and …
  • That’s it! Welcome to our latest group member – we’ll be in touch

Supporting Affiliates

A group or campaign has more options to join however. If your campaign is based on related or shared goals but also campaigns on other wider issues, such as the National Pensioners Convention,  We Own It or The People's Assembly Against Austerity, you can still affiliate. This can be any size, from a small campaign to a national organisation or trade union. This is what we call a Supporting Affiliate.

In summary the two categories for group membership are as follows:

  1. Full affiliated groups include at least three individual KONP members. They are entitled to send a delegate to KONP Steering Group (SG) meetings, where they are entitled to vote at the meeting. Their contact details are available on the Local Groups page via the main menu. The delegate and reserve/sub join our KONP email group.
  2. Supporting Affiliates (campaign organisation, trade union branches etc.) receive the regular newsletter sent to our supporters. They are entitled to attend the AGM and SG meetings though cannot vote at SG meetings.

Note: All members and supporters of KONP receive the monthly KONP newsletter. All individual KONP members have a vote at the AGM.

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the Keep Our NHS Public constitution where all this is laid out in more detail.

Fill in the NHS Campaign full membership form here.

Click here to fill in the full membership form.

Fill in the Supporting Affiliates Membership form here:

Click here to filling the supporting affiliates membership form.

The rates for supporting affiliates vary for the size of your group. The (annual*) rates are as follows: 

£25 - Full Membership of Local Group (requiring three current individuals members of KONP)
£20 - Supporting affiliate group (local campaign, Trades Council, etc. see above)
£50 - Medium supporting affiliate group (of 100 members or more, e.g. medium sized union branch or small TU region)
£100 - Large supporting affiliate group (large local/regional branch or campaign)
£250 - Small National Organisation/Trade Union supporting affiliate (less than 10,ooo members)
£500+ -  Large National Organisation/Trade Union supporting affiliate 

*If your group finds these rates difficult, please phone/email us with detail below.

Before your group joins Keep Our NHS Public. Please do these two things,

a) Give us a call on 020 7241 4443, ext. 210 or pop us an email on [email protected]

b) Fill in the local groups form (click here). or the Supporting Affiliates form (click here).

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today on:

[email protected]