JUNIOR DOCTORS: Demo tells the truth

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The junior doctors held a major rally in London on Saturday (17 October), crowding from Waterloo Place to Parliament Square: to which thousands came and filled those spaces end to end. Keep Our NHS Public was there. The power and the fury were obvious – and it caught the eye of the media, if only for the day. 

KONP Junior doc demo3It’s easy to say that if you weren’t there, battling the spirited winds matched by the spirits of those present, it won’t capture the same meaning. But this was unprecedented. “Junior” doctors (who are commonly in their 30s and 40s, with families and a mortgage to support) are seriously thinking of taking industrial action: that hasn’t happened for well over a generation. The march reflected their anger, their determination. At fighting this monstrous imposition of a new contract that will mean everyone’s safety is undermined, and the junior doctors themselves left struggling.

KONP junior docs demo4
Keep Our NHS Public supports the junior doctors and all NHS staff in their struggle against the evil ideology that is tearing our NHS apart. We stand with them. Please, join us. Take the fight to the morally bankrupt, who can only see the NHS in monetary terms. And tell them, shout it, and keep shouting: the NHS is NOT for sale. The NHS is NOT about money. It is about people. Stop seeing the very best of people as if they were simply another asset to cut. Because, when you do that, the only true cost is the devaluing of human life itself.


See the YouTube video. And feel the fury. Join us. Now.

KONP junior docs demo 5

KONP junior docs demo6

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