Newsletter – November 2017

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Campaigners' conference

Saturday 4th November - 11.00 - 16.30
Hammersmith Town Hall

Tickets are still available for the campaigners conference this Saturday at Hammersmith Town Hall. Fighting Back to Win! is organised by Health Campaigns Together and The People's Assembly. Share and learn from local campaigns and trade union activists across the country and join the coalition of forces determined to defend and restore #ourNHS.

Get your tickets here.



There was outcry amongst campaigners, press and politicians following the disclosure of Southend University Hospital Trust's plans to trial an 'AirBnB' style plan of sending discharged patients to private spare rooms.

KONP Co-Chair, Tony O Sullivan gave an interview to BBC radio Essex on the 26th October, please scroll through to 1.08.08 to hear what he had to say on the topic.

Save Southend NHS circulated a press release that was crucial in getting the story out. Well done Save Southend NHS.

The subsequent article by HSJ provided a springboard for the story to be picked up by the mainstream media so widely. Our thanks, too, to Keep Our NHS Public Southend for your work circulating the proposal amongst colleagues and friends.

The outcome from the widespread coverage of the plans mean that the trust have been forced to halt their plans - at least for the time being.

In addition to his radio interview Tony O'Sullivan wrote this post for the KONP website.

The cartooonist Ben Jennings at the Guardian has this to say.

NHS start charging migrants and visitors under new Government rules

The NHS has started to implement new Government rules; charging migrants and visitors upfront to access NHS services. We wrote a post for the KONP website where we outlined KONP's position on the new rules and collated links to articles around the web.

Docs Not Cops are doing great campaigning work in this particular area, initiating #patientsnotpassports and campaigning alongside other organisations for better migrant rights. Their website is a good place to read up on the new Immigration Act and how it restricts migrants' access to healthcare.

Docs Not Cops were kind enough to write a wonderful guest post for the KONP website entitled "Protect access to NHS on basis of need" in the wake of these changes.

The main reason that this is bad news for the NHS is not just that the cost of setting up the charging scheme is roughly the same as the annual cost of health tourism to the NHS: It is that doctors, nurses and frontline healthcare professionals will have to double as border agents.

Smokers and the overweight banned from non-urgent surgery in Hertfordshire

On the 12th October Herts Valleys and East & North Hertfordshire Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) announced a number of distressing decisions to NHS service provision in the county of Hertfordshire. In order to make savings the CCGs have arbitrarily decided to deny surgery to:

  • Those with a BMI above 40, who must reduce their weight by 15%
  • Those with a BMI above 30, who must reduce their weight by 10%
  • Smokers, until they have ceased smoking for 8 weeks or more

We have written a full report of the changes in the East & North Hertfordshire CCG service provision here.


Urgent appeal for judicial review against Jeremy Hunt

Authors of the NHS reinstatement bill, Peter Roderick and Allyson Pollock alongside Dr Colin Hutchinson, Professor Sue Richards and Dr Graham Winyard have written to the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt. They have given him notice of their intention to seek a judicial review to stop NHS England from introducing new commercial, non-NHS bodies to run health and social services without proper public consultation and without full Parliamentary scrutiny.

Allyson Pollock has stated:

These non-NHS bodies, known as Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs), originate in the US.

ACOs will fundamentally change the NHS and involve a radical reorganisation of health and social services in England. They will have control over the allocation of NHS and taxpayers’ money. Their accountability for spending it and their obligations to the public will be under commercial contracts, not statutes.

Help them raise enough money to fight ACOs and Hunt here.

For more detail see our post on the KONP website.

Defend Whittington Hospital Coalition - Keep Rydon out of our Hospital!

The Board of Whittington Hospital has voted to employ Ryhurst, a subsidiary of Rydon, to mastermind their forthcoming Estate Strategy.

Rydon was the company that refurbished Grenfell Tower.

There has been no community consulatation regarding this decision and Defend Whittington Hospital Coalition have created this petition urging the Whittington Health NHS Trust Board to terminate their contract with Ryhurst.

They are currently under 200 signatures shy of their 800 signature target.


Saving & Growing our Public NHS

Sunday 12th November 2018, 10.30am to 4pm

The course is free but you need to book a place.

The NHS matters to every single person and every single trade unionist in this couSince 1948, when a Labour Government and people power created it out of sheer vision, blood, sweat and tears, it has been the best in the world. But even before the advent of the 2010 Coalition and the current Tory Government there were already moves to underfund and privatise Our NHS. Alarm bells began ringing!

What are the pressures? Do we still believe in ‘NHS Values’? Can the NHS survive?The fight to save our publically funded, publically provided NHS is the one that has galvanised the most people in recent times. This will be a special Socialist Sunday day school packed with valuable information, tears and laughter, and - we have a plan! A plan to save our NHS from the profiteers!

Midlands and South Yorkshire Motorcade

Saturday 18th November

Join Derbyshire Save Our NHS on for a Rally to Save Our NHS in their Colourful Motorcade.

They will be travelling from Nottingham, Burton, Chesterfield, Belper, Derby to Matlock, arriving at Matlock County Hall Car Park at 11.30. Hoping for a Glare of Publicity as they drive in their Vehicles of Protest.

The meeting in the hall will take place between 12.00 and 13.30 and will look at what's happening to Our NHS. What can be done to be a campaign AND WIN?

Get in touch with Derby/Derbyshire Save Our NHS by email.

‘Accountable Care Systems’ Conference

Saturday 25 November 2017
Cross Street Chapel, Central Manchester

Organised by the Socialist Health Association (SHA)

Featured speaker: John Lister (Editor, Health Campaigns Together)

Accountable Care Systems (ACSs) will be the organisations deployed to implement NHS England’s 2014 Five Year Forward View and the 44 Footprints’ Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs). This free-to-attend event will explore the nature of ACSs, share ACS experiences in England and abroad, debate expert opinions on Capitated Budgets, simultaneous integration of care services and cost cutting, and barriers to progress. It will examine alternative approaches to integrated care services delivery. There will also be a review of the software tools needed for clinical data sharing, medical records’ sharing, activity based costing, reporting to patients, and the data analysis needed for successful ACS operations.

More to come soon at here.

Please support us by donating

All donations are so appreciated – they help us coordinate our national effort to protect the NHS. Please visit our website to donate via paypal or send a cheque (address in the footer below) or email us to pay by BACS.

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