Photo of Rishi Sunak on left, medical practitioner on the right. Text states: Fair pay for NHS staff now! Sign the petition.

We demand the Government:

ADMIT THERE’S A CRISIS! – The Government must acknowledge there’s a crisis so necessary steps can be taken at last

ADDRESS NHS PAY & STAFF MORALE – Negotiate a fair pay settlement with NHS unions

FUND SOCIAL CARE National government must fund a pay increase for care staff to address the 165,000 vacancies

INJECT NHS FUNDING & RESOURCES An emergency injection of at least £20 billion to the core NHS budget

The Government are quick to blame everyone and everything but themselves for the current crisis they have created in our NHS. Health Secretary, Steve Barclay told already exhausted NHS staff to work even harder if they want a pay rise. We believe it is the Government who should be working harder to fix a crisis caused by 13 years of its mismanagement. 


During the pandemic, the Government urged us to stand on our doorsteps and applaud NHS staff who were risking their lives. But claps don’t pay the bills and as the cost of living crisis hits, it is unacceptable that many NHS workers are now being forced to use food banks. Patient safety and staff working conditions were steadily deteriorating prior to the pandemic and pay has been eroded while workload has increased. This has led to intolerable workplace pressure driving staff to leave. The NHS is now facing its biggest crisis yet, and it cannot be solved if staff are underpaid and overworked. 

The Government says we can’t just keep pouring money into a failed service. In fact, more than a decade of austerity has left the NHS with an annual funding deficit of at least £35 billion. Together with lack of community care, this is why there are close to 500 unnecessary deaths every week. The waiting list is 7.2 million, there are 132,000 vacancies and 34 hospital buildings are in danger of imminent structural collapse. Rishi Sunak’s promise of 7000 new beds is a horrifyingly inadequate response. But this shouldn’t surprise us since it is absolutely clear that this Government wants the NHS to fail! 

We stand with all NHS staff forced to take strike action in order to protect the service from further damage and demand the Government changes course and finds the will to do what’s right for both staff and patients.

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