PETITION: We demand a People’s NHS

A message to all politicians:
Back our call for a People's NHS!

We demand:

    1. A publicly provided NHS: End private involvement
    2. An NHS funded to succeed - not defunded to fail
    3. Respect, recognition and decent pay & conditions for all health workers
    4. Re-invest in public health & tackle health inequalities
    5. Rebuild, restore and expand our NHS


The model of a People's NHS isn't a new idea - it's the NHS we all know and love, based on its founding principles: publicly provided, owned, accountable, and free to all who need it. Not only that, it's a good idea too. A People's NHS, properly funded and without the parasite of the private sector, has consistently given us one of the best healthcare services in the world.

The NHS model has not failed the population; it is governments that have failed the NHS. The NHS founding principles were, and remain, sound but the steady privatisation and defunding of our NHS has led to the worst crisis and worst performance in its history.

We're also deeply concerned about the direction of travel for our NHS that is being proposed by most of the major political parties. You can read our responses about NHS policy on our news page here.

They're offering us a narrative of an NHS that's a funding black hole; an NHS that needs the private sector to save it from itself and policies that we know won't do enough to end the NHS crisis. That's why we're calling on politicians to change course and back our vision for a People's NHS.

Find out more about our vision for a People's NHS.

A public NHS for all is the most successful model of health care provision this country has ever had. That's why we're asking campaign organisations, trade unions, health care experts, politicians and perhaps most important of all, you, the general public, to back our call for a return to the founding principles of the NHS, because they work.

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