NHS SOS traces the passage of the Health and Social Care Act and the dismal record of the institutions – the Royal Colleges, Parliament, the BMA and the media – which could have done so much more to stop it. Incisive analysis by leading experts backs up the book’s simple message: this law needs overturning. Includes tips on how to take further action (hint: join us!).


Edited by Dr Jacky Davis and Professor Raymond Tallis

The Coalition Government passed into law an unprecedented assault on the NHS: the Health and Social Care Act 2012. Doctors, unions, the media, even politicians who claimed to be stalwart defenders failed to protect it. Now the effect of those devastating reforms are beginning to be felt by patients – but we can still save our country’s most valued institution if we take lessons from this terrible betrayal and act on them.

Contributors to this eye-opening dissection include Dr Jacky Davis, Oliver Huitson, Dr John Lister, Stewart Player, Prof. Allyson Pollock, David Price, Prof. Raymond Tallis, Dr Charles West and Dr David Wrigley.

Proceeds from the profits of this book will go to Keep Our NHS Public.

This book is published by One World.


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