Restore the People’s NHS Day of Action 9 March

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On Saturday, March 9th, NHS staff and campaigners from Keep Our NHS Public took part in 20 events across England to mark a national ‘Day of Action’. These emergency protests were called to draw public attention to the reasons for the crisis in the NHS and show solidarity with NHS workers fighting for better pay and conditions. Protests included NHS staff, as well as a patients and members of the public. 

Leeds Keep Our NHS Public

Campaigers promoted the launch of Keep Our NHS Public’s new campaign calling on the government to ‘Restore a People’s NHS.’ This is defined as a return to a well-funded/staffed and fully comprehensive NHS, in line with its founding principles.

Lambeth Keep Our NHS

Campaigners gave out thousands of leaflets and encouraged passers-to send postcards to their MPs or to Shadow Health Minister Wes Streeting.

Oxford Keep Our NHS Public

South Warwickshire KONP held a stall outside Leamington Town Hall, handing out KONP leaflets. We also invited people to sign our KONP petition, ‘We demand a people’s NHS’, using a new approach of walking up and down as we leafleted with a printed A4 image of the new QR code leading to the petition. The response was excellent, as many people (including the young) quickly took out their phones and signed with the QR code. People always ask if there is anything they can sign and this was a simple and accessible way of doing it, while spreading the word to the wider public about KONP.

Southampton Keep Our NHS Public

Campaigners and NHS staff highlighted the seriousness of the seemingly perpetual NHS crisis which has resulted in a waiting list of 7.6m people, unacceptable and dangerous delays in accessing emergency care, and widespread industrial action by doctors demanding restorative pay. They hope this will draw renewed attention to an issue that is in danger of being normalised, and force the government to respond.

Keep Our NHS Public North East

Keep Our NHS Public Greater Manchester

Ealing Save Our NHS

John Puntis – Co Chair Keep NHS Public

“In what is now the run up to a general election politicians should take heed that the poor state of the NHS is the number one concern of voters. Despite government’s misleading claims of record funding, unprecedented numbers of staff vacancies related to a lack of long-term planning and poor pay and conditions together with years of underfunding relative to demand have brought the service to its knees.

Evidence shows that there is no better model of health care than the NHS when it is properly funded. What is now needed is investment to the level of European neighbours in a publicly provided NHS, a focus on staff retention, and addressing the huge deficit in capital funding that has resulted in crumbling, inadequate facilities and worn-out equipment. Without this, the NHS cannot treat patients in a timely and effective manner. March 9th will see KONP groups around the country highlighting these issues to members of the public and arguing that there is an alternative, as set out in our Vision for a People’s NHS.”  

Lewisham Save Our NHS (Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign)

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