Legislative changes

While there have been attempts to privatise the NHS, in a variety of different ways for decades, the introduction of the Health and Social Care bill in 2012 paved the way for increasing privatisation. 

This is why Keep Our NHS Public supporters academic barrister Peter Roderick and Professor Allyson Pollock drafted a bill to restore the NHS back to its full stature as a public service and reverse the current privatisation that is wrecking it. You can find out more about Keep Our NHS Public's work on the Campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill. 

There have also been various very costly and resource consuming attempts at reorganisation of the NHS, often where these are deemed unnecessary, expensive and badly timed by the people working in it. 

The introduction of Integrated Care Pathways is another example of an attempt to introduce a reorganisation of the health system. You can find out more about that too.