Campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill

Renationalising our NHS will require legislative change

Keep Our NHS Public supports efforts to overturn the highly damaging 2011 Health and Social Care Act with alternative legislation. The National Health Service Bill 2016-17 (often known as the NHS Reinstatement Bill) – put before Parliament as a Private Members’ Bill, seeks to do this.

The authors of the bill, academic barrister Peter Roderick and Professor Allyson Pollock created the bill to restore the NHS back to its full stature as a public service and reverse the current privatisation that is wrecking it. The NHS Bill is a legal solution to the current problems facing the NHS after more than 25 years of legislation seeking to break it apart.

Further information

Find out more on the Campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill website and in our resource cabinet.

Campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill news

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