NHS Anniversary: protest for patient safety, pay justice and an end to privatisation!

Seventy-three years ago, despite a war-ravaged economy, we created the world’s first universal health service: the NHS. Now as we battle the most serious pandemic in 100 years, with millions on waiting lists, the NHS is being thanked and applauded – but starved of real resources. The truth is the NHS was struggling before the Covid-19 pandemic, after years of government cuts led to desperate winter crises and 100,000 vacant posts.

A Day of Action has been called by Keep Our NHS Public, Health Campaigns Together, NHS Workers Say No and NHS Staff Voices. Join us nationwide to demand: patient safety, pay justice and an end to privatisation!

The NHS Pay Review Body will be making its findings public in June, which will bring the whole issue of pay back into the media following the government's outrageous proposal of a below-inflation 1% pay "increase" for NHS workers. We will show total solidarity with NHS staff as well as making sure that patient safety, privatisation and the government’s woeful handling of the Covid-19 pandemic remain clearly in the public eye.

Find your nearest local event

See our Events page for a regularly updated list of 3 July events nationwide.

If you are organising an event, please fill out the Events form to give us the information we need to include it on our list and help promote and publicise it (check the list of events first that the information you're reporting hasn't already been reported to us by someone else).

If you don't see an event set up in your area and would like to set one up, please fill out this  I want to get involved form and let us know who you are and where you are. In most cases, we should be able to introduce you to campaigners or NHS staff willing to get involved.

For these and other queries about setting up an event please email [email protected]

Click here to download an example Risk Assessment that can help you to keep your event Covid-secure and safe more generally. All events differ - use this as an example only, and ensure any Risk Assessment you compile is fully accurate and relevant to your own events.

Campaign materials for 3 July

We can supply campaign materials to give to the public on 3 July, explaining the issues and inviting them to show support and get involved. These can also be customised with information relevant to your local area. See below to order leaflets or download our designs for local printing.

> Order our generic national leaflet (leaflet version #1 below)

> Order a customised leaflet with local information (leaflet version #2 below)

Campaign leaflet (generic)
Leaflet for giving out to the public at 3 July events, explaining the issues and asking the public to show support and get involved.

Campaign leaflet (custom)
Leaflet for giving out to the public at 3 July events, with a customisable space to promote your local campaign or initiative.

Promotional materials

We can also supply leaflets and posters to promote your 3 July events in advance.

Leaflet version #1
Ready-to-go version with QR CODE to direct them to our list of nationwide events

Leaflet version #2
Here's the second version which has space for you to add your own local event details

Poster version #1
Version with QR Code to direct readers to our list of nationwide events

Poster version #2
Version customised with the details of your local event

Tips for organisers

Whatever stage you’re at with organising an event, we hope we can help! Although every event is different in type and in scale, some of the tips below may be useful:

Getting started: If you are in a local Keep Our NHS Public group, hold a meeting to plan your event. Get in touch with local NHS trade union branches and local trade union and labour movement organisations more generally, inviting them to join in organising.

Health and safety: It is important to take steps to ensure your event will be Covid-safe, such as an outdoor setting, masks, hand sanitiser and, of course, social distancing. Consider notifying police as soon as is practical; you may need to provide an event plan and/or risk assessment. If running an event outside a hospital you might also consider notifying management of your plans.

Promoting and publicising: You can network for support and publicity from a diverse range of sources, such as local councillors, local media, and invite other friendly activist, community or faith organisations in your networks. Offering to send a member to speak at other groups’ meetings to present the invitation is often a good way of establishing a connection. If you have access to social media outlets, use these for promotion too!

Leafleting sessions can also be very effective. Leafleting can be done in public places but also in more focussed ways, such as outside NHS workplaces, vaccination centres, etc. Finally, if you have the capacity, local events and stunts like banner-drops can also be a great way of building interest and attracting attention in the run-up to the event.

Running the event: Depending on what you plan to do, try to work out your plan for activity on the day as much as possible: e.g. potential speakers, stewards to help the event stay safe, any equipment you might need like a PA system, and preparing homemade placards and banners. It’s also worth considering how your plan might need adapting on the day, e.g. if the weather is rainy.

Remember: contact us at [email protected] if you want to ask for help with organising your event!

The date will come around fast, so let's get organising to make the biggest impact we can for our NHS!