Keep Our NHS Public is launching a People’s Covid Inquiry

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With more than 100,000 deaths from COVID-19 Keep Our NHS Public believes the public deserves to know how and why this has happened. That is why we are launching the People's Covid Inquiry, along with a wide range of other organisations, experts and supporters.

The death toll of UK residents will continue to rise for many months as the infection rate has been allowed to spiral out of control. In the meantime, learning the right lessons is urgent if lives are to be saved. Our People’s Covid Inquiry will examine what has happened and how well the NHS was prepared.

How it will work

Keep Our NHS Public has launched a website where you can find out more about the People's Covid Inquiry and how you can take part.

We will invite oral, written and video testimony from NHS staff, other frontline workers and members of the public, as well as hear expert evidence. There will be a series of online Zoom meetings where a panel will interrogate the evidence presented in these testimonies.

Our sessions will feature a range of panellists and witnesses including Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet, Sir David King, chair of Independent SAGE, Michael Rosen, Professor Neena Modi and Professor Sir Michael Marmot.

A powerful body of work will be developed to help understand how best to restore the NHS, public health and social care to the quality public services essential to look after people and keep them safe, both now and in the future.

First, we are inviting members of the public to take part in our survey.

A People’s Covid Inquiry

Keep Our NHS Public is convinced that it is in the public interest to learn lessons now so that any necessary actions can be taken sooner rather than at some unspecified point in the future - this we believe will save lives. We stand together with bereaved families calling for justice, the Patients Association insisting on knowing the extent of damage caused to non-covid care, health and care workers, trade unions and other campaigning organisations demanding that government faces up to its responsibilities. We also aim to give a voice to representatives from BAME communities, key workers and all those who have suffered and are calling for this to be recognised. To this end we are launching the People’s Covid Inquiry - to answer the questions the government lacks courage even to ask.

Take part

We invite you to take part in the People's Covid Inquiry, launching today Friday 5 February 2021.

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  1. Please keep me posted on this, I think there’s a possibility that something nasty might going on which we don’t know about . yet.

  2. Our died on 24th March 2020. I knew she could be 1 of thousands but not over 100’000. Mum acquired Covid 19 in hospital. There are a lot of what ifs, what if we had lockdown sooner. What if we had started testing sooner. I will always be thankful to the NHS for what they did for mum. Knowing that a nurse was with her when she died gives us as a family some comfort when we couldn’t be there. To see other families going through what we did and still are is so frustrating. No lessons have been learnt, actions being put in place now should have happened months ago. An enquiry is essential if we are to be sure we are never in this position again.

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