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Keep Our NHS Public opposes the Health and Care Bill 2021, which is currently being rushed through Parliament.. The bill, and the guidance and regulations that come with it, signpost further fragmentation of the NHS, greater privatisation and damage to services and the workforce.

The bill will also provide the legal framework required to implement the 40 or so Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) covering England, which pose a threat not least by allowing the private sector an even bigger role than it has currently, a role we believe is far too much already.

The Bill will not address any of the problems facing the NHS or social care and will distract from efforts to rebuild the NHS while it is still dealing with the Covid pandemic.

This page of the KONP website provides information about the Bill (particularly in the light of the government’s White Paper) and its implications; how you can get involved in our campaign. It also provides a range of campaign materials.

Whether or not the Bill is passed, ICSs will continue to pose a huge threat to the NHS as a universal, comprehensive health service that is publicly accountable, publicy funded and publicly provided. The webpage therefore also provides analysis and information about ICSs (including recent guidance on how the government expects ICSs to work in practice), as well as campaign materials.

Find out how to get involved with our campaign to scrap the Health and Care Bill below.

Campaign materials

Updated campaign materials from KONP ICS Working Group

Letters and briefing notes



Campaign materials on ISCs and Bill from KONP ICS working group:


Model motions


Parliamentary reading

Model motion for trade unions

We are inviting trade union members to present the following motion at their branch, to garner support for opposition to the Bill.

MP briefing on the Bill

Keep Our NHS Public has developed a briefing for MPs about the Bill and why we believe all MPs who want to protect the NHS should oppose it. Share it with your MP and other campaigners:

We’re asking all our campaigners and supporters to download the letter for reference and write their own letter to their local MP directly, using as much or as little of the briefing as you wish.

If you’re not sure who your MP is, CLICK HERE.

The Health and Care Bill and what it means for the pay, terms and conditions of NHS staff

The new NHS bill has been wrongly spun as a bill to limit privatisation and to promote integration. It does neither of these things but carries significant dangers for the NHS workforce that must be tackled and countered. Read more here

For more information on why the Health and Care Bill is a serious concern to staff and trade unionists see our paper, The Health Bill, privatisation, and workforce issues

More on Integrated Care Systems

More in-depth information about Integrated Care Systems and the Health & Care Bill

Read why Integrated Care Systems, central to the Bill, are a threat to our NHS

The Health and Care Bill will also enable private companies’ access to patients’ health and care data, read our full analysis here


Sign the petition, protect the NHS

Keep Our NHS Public member and NHS GP Louise Irving has launched a petition to scrap the NHS Health and Care Bill to protect the NHS. 

Head over to to find out why it is so important this Bill is stopped as soon as possible. 

Sign the petition

Have your say on the Health and Care Bill

The House of Commons Public Bill Committee which is going to consider the Health and Care Bill is now inviting written evidence from people with “relevant expertise and experience or a special interest in the Health and Care Bill”, which we at Keep Our NHS Public think is just about everyone! 

Click on the button below to go to the ‘Have Your Say’ page on the Parliament website. 

Have Your Say

Rally July 14: Second reading of the NHS Health and Care Bill

The day the NHS Health and Care Bill had its second reading in the House of Commons, Keep Our NHS Public held a rally outside the Houses of Parliament to protest the Bill, and make it clear that we won’t accept legislation that makes it easier to sell-off and privatise our NHS.

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